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  • Author : BabyDragon
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  • Topic : Something’s not right
Senior Contributor

Hi all

I normally talk in lived experience but I think this is better suited to carers.

My Mr 8 had his pediatrician appointment today and it's the first time my partner has really gone to anything in relation to our son possibly being high functioning asd. 

I was really annoyed because my partner believes there is nothing wrong with him and pretty much talked over me the whole time barely letting me talk. This led to the pediatrician say he is on the spectrum but not enough for a diagnosis. If I had been able to talk about what it is like getting him ready each morning, doing homework, or what it's like when he is home all day I think there would have been a different outcome. 

My partner works and especially during fire season can work all week including weekends. This means I'm the one who deals with most of it my partner only said what he experiences which isn't even close to the amount of stuff I wanted to cover. 

And everything the school sent in my partner disregarded saying that he is catching up and getting better. When he really isn't the teacher has even mention the fact he might be better of repeating grade 2. 


But my partner is so determined to not let our son get a 'label' that he makes it seem like he's doing better when he's really not

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