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  • Author : BabyHowYaFeelin
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  • Topic : Something’s not right
Senior Contributor

This is a different feeling from depression. I don't feel with depression. I function somehow throughout the day. With depression I can't function.


My mind is exhausted. I was given a strict and urgent project deadline today. Before the deadline was mentioned, I had a dozen ideas for how to implement it. My brain immediately went blank after hearing the deadline.

I have 2 lives - an internal and an external. People that see my external self wouldn't recognise my internal self. I'm hidden in plain view now. I used to get noticed A LOT, but I'm invisible now because of my weight.


My partner became ANGRY at me this week when I mentioned how frustrated I was about going to the store to buy an essential item only to get home to see it was out of date. Zero empathy. All I wanted was him to say, "Oh, that sucks. Sorry to hear that." Instead he blamed me for going to that store instead of another store. Now I'm feeling like I have to justify why I went to that store to complete strangers. I had 3 very good reasons, but I'm too tired to explain them. 

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