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Welcome to the forum @care-bears-4eva, we're sorry to hear that you're going through this with your sister but it's great that you are wanting to help and support her. SANE has put together a great fact sheet about what to do in a crisis, found here, however, pulling some info out of it for you: 


"you can contact the local Crisis Assessment and Treatment Team (CATT) through the closest major public hospital. In some parts of Australia, they are called Psychiatric Emergency Teams (PET).


The CATT/ PET is a multi-disciplinary team with Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Social workers and Nurses who provide assessment and support for people who are in crisis with mental illness. Their phone lines are staffed 24 hours a day.

Your local team will conduct an initial phone assessment and may get in contact with other treating practitioners."


Do you think you'd be able to contact them?

For urgent assistance, call: