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  • Author : twilight
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Hi everyone,


My first time joining a forum but feeling so lost without knowing anyone else going through similar struggles (or not that anyone is prepared to talk about).


My daughter is 13 and has suffered from ADD, clinical anxiety and OCD for a number of years. Once puberty hit it seemed to make things worse. We were handling things ok with the aid of medication until early this year she suffered some significant trauma and is now battling PTSD. With that brought suicidal ideation and self-harm. After years of trying to get her to see a psychologist without much success (some of them should not be working in that industry), we finally found someone local who she loved and felt comfortable opening up to. Last week we were told this psychologist is now moving some distance away at the end of the year. I cannot believe our luck, one kick in the guts after another. Needless to say, my daughter is not handling this news too well and sent her further into a spiral. 


Having had suffered from mental health problems myself 10 years ago and had an admission in a private hospital facility I would love for her to be able to do the same as this was my turning point. Just being around others who are struggling too and sometimes worse than yourself, not having to put on a front and not feeling like you are judged seems what she needs. All my research has come up with nothing more than private facilities for young adults 16 and over. What about the younger ages? It seems mental health is becoming much more common in the younger years now. Does anyone know of any groups or facilities that cater to younger teens?


Many thanks

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