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  • Author : Flealee
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Thank you so much for taking the time reply to meπŸ’œ

She is not happy with how things are going for her.

She will change GP if they suggest that she needs more help than antidepressants.

She will only take certain antidepressants that "don't make her fat".

She will never admit to being in the wrong and won't apologise or acknowledge when she speaks so SO meanly to people whether it is at work, with her adult family or to our children (under 10).

My mum tells us to just let it go every time, because if you say something's she blow's up and it very scary.

Do you think we should start pulling her up for her behaviour (it will be several times per day)? I don't know if it will help her realise things aren't right or just push her further over the edge.

She has a suicide attempt 2 years ago, and everyone is afraid that if they pull her up, she will attempt it again.

Sorry this is so long, I just do t know what to do anymore 

Thank you again.



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