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  • Author : Julie4
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My adult daughter has been diagnosed with PTSD 3 years ago. Our relationship is struggling, we clash, I struggle to understand what she is going through but she won't talk about it. She acts like we are the enemy. We used to get on really well, and now she isolates herself from everyone, friends and family.(she has no friends) I try to be kind, and patient, but for example if I say " thats a lovely outfit, you look nice" her response tells me that what she is hearing is " nothing else you wear looks any good" I feel like this is it now, she is shutting us out, blaming her family for things that happened years ago, that I had forgotten about, I don't understand, I have read information on it on the internet,I just want my daughter back. We used to do things together, she makes me feel like I am being selfish. I need help understandiing how she is feeling because she won't tell me. Or, she will say something once, and if I don't react the way she expects or say the wrong thing (which is always), she shuts down.She tells me he hates me, I want her to know i love her, and I don't know what to do. She is having counselling, I think she was happpier before she went to counselling, all it does is make her miserable, its been years since I saw her laugh. I wish I could reach her, but I can't. I will not see a counsellor for myself because I have spoken to someone before about something else, and quite frankly i thought they were no help at all. 

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