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  • Author : Elsie-may
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Just introducing myself. Married with 3 kids,  the eldest son has bipolar 1 diagnosis and is currently in hospital fpr his fourth psychotic mania. He is living at home and trying to get his life in order but struggling with accepting his diagnosis and taking medication . Hence he ends up manic and delusional to the point he requires hospital to keep him safe. It is such a rollercoaster. I struggle with not being able to do any more than support him, and hate watching him suffer ,especially when in hospital and so frightened and angry and desperate and unable to sleep despite all the meds. He is slowly coming down from the mania after 3 weeks and the issue will be how to help him avoid it happening all over again next time. When i can i horse ride or bike ride in the bush for exercise and time out. Most of the time i feel im coping, but talking is good and sharing experiences with others helps ,so here i am🤔

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