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What to do?

Hello everyone.  I'm actually incredulous.  It's 2.00 p.m. and I have been on the internet since 8.00 a.m.-ish looking to find someone who is able to help me in my distress.  I'm very resilient but there are times when I need help from a face-to-face meeting - from someone with genuine empathy, and an ability to be of actual help.  Sure - I could probably find a psychiatrist or psychologist to talk to but money is hard come by and I like to get value for money. It's certainly not guaranteed and the wait time could be considerable.  I have no faith in them anyway.


I tried to find a counsellor, support group or the like from the local council.  I am absolutely giddy from trying to find someone, or a suitable service for my needs and I have achieved nothing in all these hours of searching and ringing.


One sounded promising and just what I was looking for - a women's support and discussion group.  I rang.  The number has been disconnected - and so has the service, it seems.  I have several pages of numbers and advice but nothing will be more than lip service.  These folk get paid for what is supposed to be provision of social services - yet nothing is forthcoming.  Everyone just gives another number or person to call.  Or they don't bother to ring back as promised.  Hard to believe they are dealing with people whose lives are in crisis.


What on earth do we do?  Accost strangers on the street in the hope of finding a caring ear?



Re: What to do?

Hearing you @Historylover 


Sad but I do not think many professionals realise how many discontinued numbers are handed out.  It is a disgrace, and I have experienced it a bit.


Wish I could suggest something, but I have noit found anything that is a certainty.  I am barely hanging on with NDIS support, not being abusive or them rorting system.  I found a good support wkr and physio, but I have to work hard in those relatioinships too.  I am lucky I am on NDIS, but as I have seen so many things going wrong, I am committed to betterment of the system in general, before people are assessed as disabled so much they fall into DSP or NDIS category.  Trying like mad to make this forum as positive a place as I can for those needing Mental Health support.


Take Care Apple

Smiley Happy



Re: What to do?

@Historylover I had not seen a psychiatrist in over a decade but have to go back and get a medication review and adjustment. 


Similar scenario.  The guts has been ripped out of mental healthcare.


They are now following the American model of psychiatric care: the corporate medical version where you have to pay full price and wait for a medicare payment. 


My new shrink wants hundreds of dollars.


All I want is my medicine to be changed, not as if I could afford the luxury of paying somene huge outlays just to listen to my patient history. 


I feel sorry for the younger folk who are newly diagnosed who have no supports and are practically dumped in the community left to tread water.


Its so totally wrong. 


Anyway I hope you find some kind of service and someone who is compassionate and caring. 


We deserve better after what we've been through.

Re: What to do?

How frustrating @Historylover Heart I think a number of services closed during covid due to related financial difficulties- which can be tough when it can be hard to find support in the best of times! 


If you'd like a helping hand in the process of finding something good for you and your needs, our Help Centre can support you to provide referrals in your area Smiley Happy

Re: What to do?

Yes @Smiling_Gecko agree, about the issues with following the American model.When the main job for pdoc is writing out the same script, one finds it difficult to see how it is really worth the hundreds that are demanded, and paid by medicare and by those usually on a very low income.  

Re: What to do?

@Smiling_Gecko  @Appleblossom  @girasole @Historylover 


And I thought I had problems. And I do. And one of the is "Someone's messing with my support networks." And I just want to say that this won't stand. Heads will bow and those that don't shall roll. Well, maybe not that sort of thing. But, the current models certainly need some sort of help re: "helping". One way or another, that's what its come to.

Re: What to do?

@Appleblossom yes I can't afford it. Nobody on pensions can realistically pay the sums of money demanded. 


It never used to be this way - there was a community care model in the 1990's when I was newly diagnosed.


Ever so grateful for that. I wish the young people now with mental illness had this!


Hoping the shrink won't waste my time with medicine changeover or demand more money.


Its totally demoralising when you save all your money for a rainy day and everyone wants access to your cash

Re: What to do?

@Historylover yes i agree it is impossible to find a GP, pyschologist or pyschiatrist when needed without considerable cost or waiting time.

A mental health line maybe in NSW 1800 011 511

Support groups are hard to find now with Covid.

This is how I stumbled across on SANE forums in the last week.

What about a local club for social connection (if it is not acute mental health stuff),  like a low cost walking group or a yoga / exercise class with like minded souls. 

Is there a womens health centre anywhere nearby?

sometimes i find apps are useful 

or writing /typing down whatever ever is in my head so that i can put my hands on my thoughts and discuss it when i finally get through to a health professional. 

Accosting strangers on the street may have benefits..


Re: What to do?

@Historylover  I was wondering if the Salvation Army or something similar may be able to help. They are usually good with access to contacts and agencies. Hope you get the help you need ❤️

Re: What to do?

Hearing you very loud @Historylover 

I paid for two visits to a phsychiatrist for daughter at $500 an hr.

Rebate brought that back to around $400 and the outcome was less than helpfull.


I am still struggling to gain any support team now we have moved states though my new gp is realy good.


I know what you mean, "accost a stranger" our mental health support system is failing but we still need someone to talk to.


For now I am still being suported by ph from my old state, (Tas) they are good but they can only do so for so long, hoping I can find local support to replace them.


I had a very bad day not so long ago and simply walked into the drs and said I needed to see someone straight away. They helped, which was good.


Now, mental health support seems to want to just call on the phone once a month and tick the boxes.


I had one call cut off mid discussion and when I rang them back was told a message would be left for them to ring me. I have not heard from them since.


Makes it much more difficult to deal with on top of already existing mh problems.

Help can be found but it can take a very long time and be extreemely disheartening.

I talk to my gp about it, she is pushing as well.

Illustration of people sitting and standing

New here?

Chat with other people who 'Get it'

with health professionals in the background to make sure everything is safe and supportive.


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