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New Contributor

Trying to get my Son Involved in the community

Hi there,

This is my first time to this group.

I have a lot to ask but specifically for today I am trying to find a Cat rescue organisation that would allow my son with schizophrenia and I to visit once a month to cuddle the cats. My son has isolated himself in his house and it is becoming more and more difficult to coax him outside.

He loves cats but isn't allowed one in his current home. I am thinking that if he and I could visit a cat rescue centre even for just an hour once a month it would be a great for him to just sit and pat and play with them. I would always go with him. Has anyone tried this before and know of a centre in the inner city Sydney area, that may be Mental Illness friendly?

Thank you



Re: Trying to get my Son Involved in the community

I recently made enquiries at my local rspca to volunteer in the cattery. I paid them a visit and had a look around the facility.

For me it became quiet emotional. And i realised i was trying to recreate something from the past. Therefore i didnt go ahead.

I tell you this because i would tread cautiously. Maybe go to the centre yourself and have a look around and talk to who ever is in charge. It may well be that in time your son could volunteer there, which would be really helpful for him.

Other organisations such as petrescue mainly foster cats and kittens to individuals  homes.

Hope you find somethin suitable. 

Re: Trying to get my Son Involved in the community

My husband diagnosed Chronic PAranoid Schizophrenia. I might just follow your lead and check out RSPA here in PErth. What a good idea. 

He has just quit smoking.........

Hi @Chris...great to 'see you.'

Hpw are you??

How are you today @Julz ?


Re: Trying to get my Son Involved in the community

Animal welfare league is in sydney. I googled pet rescue. A few different places in sydney. Worth checking out online.

Re: Trying to get my Son Involved in the community

Animals can be a great comfort, sieze the day just go out there to the local pound & check it out by yourself if you want. It might me good for you to have an outing. The thing I found out caring or more like worrying over my son was my inevitable isolation as well. Dont worry about "mental health friendly" just fake it. Smiley Happy pound surfing might be fun.  My experience:- Remove the label & take time out every day to just forget MI & go pat as many cats as you like. Im sure if they love cats they will also love humans. Garfield your way into the pounds & away from the label....and all the best, enjoy.  

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