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Query: Open Dialogue in the ACT?

I heard about Open Dialogue, which began many years ago in Finland, started by a practitioner named Jaako Seikkula, this week on Radio National.

Does anyone have information about practitioners using this approach in the ACT?

If not in the ACT, in NSW?

My adult son has had various diagnoses including schizophrenia.  No treatments nor meds have helped.

Open Dialogue is the first approach that makes sense to me. 

I am very eager to try it.




Re: Query: Open Dialogue in the ACT?

Hi @waves

Great to hear that you’ve heard about something that makes sense to you. SANE as an organisation is also very interested in Open Dialogue and have recently awarded our Hocking Fellowship to Flick Grey for her research on the topic. You may have already seen our recent Topic Tuesday on Open Dialogue where Flick was a guest, but if not you can find it here.

As you probably know, the Open Dialogue approach originated in Finland some 30 years ago and is currently being trialed in several countries including Germany, the UK and the US.  While the principles of Open Dialogue are being increasingly adopted within the field, there is no formal program currently available in Australia. In saying this, there are some organisations that have shown an interest in Open Dialogue, and have conducted research or run workshops in the past. You might like to contact the following organisations to see whether they intend to run another workshop in the near future or could perhaps point you in the direction of practitioners with some training in Open Dialogue.

Schizophrenia Fellowship of NSW

Phone: 02 9879 2600



ARAFMI Mental Health Carers NSW

Phone: 03 94557967



Please note that the Community Guidelines request that members don’t post the names of specific practitioners here on the Forums.

I am also wondering if you’ve come across the Hearing Voices network in the past. They also adopt a slightly different approach, specifically in relation to hearing voices, or auditory hallucinations, a symptom often experienced by people with schizophrenia.

All the best to you and your son @waves. I look forward to hearing how it goes Smiley Happy

Also thought I'd share the link to the Radio National program about Open Dialogue for others who are interested:

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