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Community Manager

Private Mental Health Consumer Carer Network: Carers / BPD research

Hi everyone,

I thought this might be relevant to members of our community:


The Private Mental Health Consumer Carer Network (Australia), or the Network, is dedicated to effective consumer and carer participation as the driving force in all elements of change in private sector mental health services.

We invite all people, both consumers and carers, with a lived experience or supporting someone with Borderline Personality Disorder to undertake a survey, on the links below. 


These surveys are the second of their kind in Australia, both initiated by the Network’s CEO Janne McMahon on behalf of the Network. They are long, but importantly we want to gain as much information as possible. The purpose is to better understand the issues, needs, what supports, who helps most, and what barriers and gaps there are to accessing services and supports within the current mental health systems both public and private.


It is a comprehensive national survey and by recirculating it, we are able to compare changes over time. The findings will be released during BPD Awareness Week which is the first week of October of each year.

The Network hopes to gather a large number of responses. In appreciation of the time and effort required, there will be an opportunity to win a $50 pre-paid Visa card for 5 consumers and 5 carers completing the survey and registering on the voucher link within the surveys. We will randomly select these people to receive these cards.



Consumer lived experience survey link:


Carer lived experience survey link: 

Thank you for your support in this critical work.


For urgent assistance, call: