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OCD Carers

Hi, just wondering if there are any other OCD carers out there. What resources you have found useful? Any tips you use to help get through to your loved ones when they are relapsing?

Re: OCD Carers

Hi @elyse, my (mid-20s) son's diagnosis includes OCD with psychosis. It's very hard to get through and reason during a relapse, if not impossible. I've only been able to deflect and minimise, confronting or questioning never worked. Is your husband on regular medications? In our case, daily doses have been increased after a relapse. Seeing a clinical psychologist on a regular basis has been really helpful. The psychologist has helped with strategies to manage OCD. I read your other post and also found it very difficult to accept that "getting better" was not an option. The term "illness" sounds like a cure is out there. It's more like a "condition", something to manage and live with.

Re: OCD Carers

Thankyou so much for your reply, and agree it is definitely something to manage and live with. He is on an antipsychotic and anti depressant and starts with a psychologist tomorrow night.

I feel like reasoning isn't an option either and have realised if I do reason he will shift to another obsession.

Re: OCD Carers

@elyse My son is on similar meds; antidepressants in the morning, antipsychotics in the evening and both are high doses. On the psychologists advice, when unwell, he uses headphones and music to help block out intrusive thoughts, including when going to sleep.  It can take him weeks to get over the worst of a relapse and many months to get to a point where he seems to be stable again. Thankfully relapses are infrequent, ~2 years between episodes. 

Re: OCD Carers

Does anyone know of any OCD/anxiety groups in Melbourne where sufferers can meet up and socialize?

My son feels very positive and cheerful after talking to fellow patients in a mental hospital, but relapsed

a couple of weeks after discharge from 'loneliness'. He would love to chat face-to-face or play sport with

people who are in the same boat. ArcVic has a support group once a month which is too long a wait inbetween.

Re: OCD Carers

Wellways and GROW are two organizations that may help @Dimsim

Re: OCD Carers

Hi @patientpatient and @elyse, my mother has recently relapsed again with OCD and paranoia. Sigh.... Confrontation and reasoning does NOT work..... She has just been admitted into a private mental health hospital to help her get to a point to manage her condition better. Medication needs adjustment. Major triggers include the sudden passing of our dad nearly two years ago. I try to deflect but very hard as she is so fixated on her fears 24/7. Can I clarify what you mean by "minimise"?

Re: OCD Carers

Hi @Susana, (sorry I missed your question). "minimise", try to make the issue seem less important or reduce the effect. It doesn't always work. Here's the example, my son (when very unwell) wanted to rip up all the carpet in a main room of the house. He said it was making him ill, it was late at night and he was extrememly determined. I managed to divert his attention to another room (his bedroom, somewhere less obvious) so he headed to the bedroom. Then suggested he cut out small pieces to see if that helped. He cut out a square, waited a day, then cut out another. After that, the urgency faded and he stopped cutting squares out of the carpet. Now, two years later, there are still two large squares cut out of the carpet in his room. I read your other posts about your mum wanting constant reassurance... so hard to deal with and so relentless. You can have a break while she's in hospital.

Re: OCD Carers

Thanks @patientpatient for clarifying. I see what you mean by "minimise" now.

Yes, I am hoping to gain sone sanity for myself while mum is being cared for in hospital.

I feel as though in these last four months parts of me have been eaten away. I need too allow myself to regain some sense of self again.

Re: OCD Carers

hello @Susana, @elyse, @patientpatient, @Darcy, @Dimsim

thinking of you lots today , hope you are ok , let us know how you are going xxxxx

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