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Need to spill my guts tonight,had a bad week and today a bad day,had car trouble today and got two new tyres on which I paid 60 dollars more for than what I was quoted on the phone.Told the guy on payment, whose wife gave me the quote on the phone,that the quote was 220 not 250 per tyre what I paid,whose excuse was that I told her I paid 280 for the tyre two years ago.To me, that's no excuse for the price change.He then ignored it and gave me a bundle of business cards to distribute.I SMS him when I got home saying I wasn't happy that the price wasn't the quote given.Accused me of being a lier and I didn't hear right.I did hear right told him the rang me back and heard and I clarified the price of 220 and I told him don't like being deceived.He then sent abusive texts,my last to him was warning him I'd have to tell the Police which stopped him since thank God.I said it was a poor way of dealing with a customer complaint,putting it back on the customer,he claimed I was pulling a stunt.I paid the money,but it's the principal of it to me.My car nearly blew up as well,had a service this week which the mechanic didn't put a part on properly,which my car lost the oil.They said I was lucky.The mechanic apologized.I told him not to worry because I know he is one who cares and the fact that he payed for the damage shows that.Am I overreacting with the tyres?I don't think so I just like to know a quote is a quote.Tonight I am stressed and didn't need today,spent the last two days in bed due to severe distressed due to depression affecting hormones.Had to chat with lifeline last night due to not knowing what to do with myself.Didn't need the tyre bloke tonight with his abusive she's.As well my elderly mother is failing everyday,that is too much pressure.My stress level is high.

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