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Useful resources

Senior Contributor

NSW Carer support


NSW health services list these organisations for carer support


Carers Australia (who offer support as well as a number of free counseling sessions) list these supports


You can do a search in the carer gateway page (down the bottom)



Organisations such as One Door offer services to both carers and patients - this is a link to their page, others offer similar.



Re: NSW Carer support

Great information - thanks @Darcy

Re: NSW Carer support


First post in thread for NSW carer support.

Re: NSW Carer support

Thanks @Darcy

Re: NSW Carer support


 Check out links in first post in thread. A lot of groups listed provide both carer and patient support. 


Re: NSW Carer support

@jade2  @Orby

First post in thread might help.

Re: NSW Carer support

Thanks for the information, good to know 

But i am looking for support for my daughter

Re: NSW Carer support


Carer gateway gives options for patient support too. A lot of the Carer supports (Wellways, One Door have both carer and patient programs).

Re: NSW Carer support

ok, wonderful, thank you


Re: NSW Carer support


First post in thread 😀.

For urgent assistance, call: