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Mental Health First Aid Course

Has anyone done the MH First Aid Course? There's a good online writeup today on ABC news today:

Why don't they teach this stuff in schools?

Re: Mental Health First Aid Course

@Former-Member There are a range of courses available - from Workplaces to Youth Mental Health courses for Teachers and Leaders. I am supposed to be doing this last one (depending on how I am doing!).

There are both face-to-face and blended courses you can do.

More info for you - go to


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Re: Mental Health First Aid Course

Thanks @Zoe7, its a great idea, sometimes its hard to know how to handle my brother when he's overwhelmed by psychosis, especially when argumentative or sobbing terribly. Another thing to save up for.

Re: Mental Health First Aid Course

I know the Teacher course is small (max 25 participants) and runs for 2 full days. There is a calendar of courses around the country on the website (if I remember correctly up to about the middle of 2018 so far) so you can check out what is close to you and when it is offered @Former-Member.

I am pretty sure I won't be able to do all of the two days - I can barely get through 2 days on the couch lol - but should be worth doing what I can and then maybe the whole course at a later date!

Re: Mental Health First Aid Course

I did this course a couple of years ago @Former-Member through the university I attend, it was well worth it. I dont think the course they replaced it with (at this uni) is nearly as good.

Re: Mental Health First Aid Course

I did the course a few years ago it was very enlightening. There was a diverse group of participants ranging from lived experience to little understanding of mental health. The course was conducted over two days. One of the best short courses in any field I have done.

Re: Mental Health First Aid Course

Hi @Ma60 @Former-Member @Determined @Zoe7

How are you all tonight ? 

What a great thread.....It's about three weeks old but the context is something that we sll should be thinking about: just like @Former-Member.

I did the Mental Health First Aid about 5 years ago I think.....about that. It is geat because it covers things like

1. self medicating

2. need for medication.

I ca'nt remember anything else....does anyone know anymore?



Re: Mental Health First Aid Course

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Re: Mental Health First Aid Course

I did the course a  years ago it was very inspiring. Really good stuff and materials.Now i really read some education platform, this for example After different works and sport training i read that. I think it is good addition to the course.

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