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Looking for some information :)

Hello everyone - hope you are well Smiley Happy 


I have been doing some reading on the impact of prolonged stress on a person and have found the following pieces of information:


"Experience changes the brain. The more a particular part of the brain is activated, the stronger and more active and permanent it becomes. When the threat response is continually triggered, both adults and children will develop a hypersensitivity to threat.This will play out with a tendency to misread ambiguous or non-threatening situations as threatening, a greater likelihood to sense anger or hostility (even when there is none), and the likelihood of being in a constant state of high alert, even in the absence of any real stress or threat."


Im interested in more information on how to resolve this - so, being in a relationship with someone that demonstrates this behaviour - when they display this - ie we are out, and he perceives that a person is giving him a dirty look, treating him differently etc, what tactics can I employ - so not to create an argument, but also not to support this behaviour.


Secondly - I was reading about Toxic Stress and the impact of being in a state of high stress for long periods of time - I was hoping for any material you might have on how to combat this - obviously things like exercise, mindfullness etc, but would love any reading anyone might have on this.


TIA Smiley Happy 




Re: Looking for some information :)

Hey there @Audrey  thanks for sharing your journey. 


It's so cool how you are keen to develop insight into this issue to support your partner and in turn support yourself. There's definitely a few organisations that could provide more insight into this, in fact our phone line here at SANE provides great information and referral on similar challenges, the number is 1800 18 7263.


In terms of mindfulness definitely apps like SmilingMind and Headspace have a lot of really positive feedback, have you given either of them a go?

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