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Senior Contributor

Getting the NDIS right?

Interesting article on the NDIS roll our and how it is likely to impact on consumers and carers.


Re: Getting the NDIS right?

I have been a long time carer of my daughter with schizoaffective disorder. We have just had the roll out of NDIS in the lower SW of WA. My daughter has just been made eligible for MH NDIS so we are just beginning the process. I am hopeful that individualised funding will help and support my daughter in her life,as she has had limited support in this community, for her individual needs. I have been her carer and main support person for many, many years.   I myself have been a very involved carer being a MIFWA Wellways carer facilitator for Building a Futre program and Duo program. I sit on PIRO committee as a carer rep. I suppose I will soon find out wether NDIS is beneficial to my daughter and myself.

 I have done much reading about getting NDIS for people with psyychosocial disability and am very aware of all the challenges it faces. Just maybe it could be a positive for many that have been missing out  on some services.


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