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Useful resources

Senior Contributor

ARAFMI NSW has a Carer Helpline, learn more about it in this thread

ARAFMI NSW is a partner organisation with SANE Australia in providing this important forum for carers of people with mental illness.

Don't forget about our Carer Helpline. ARAFMI knows that the mental health system can be somewhat difficult to navigate through at times, even for the most experienced of us!!

Our Carer Helpline provides trained telephone operators who listen to carers needs and offers support and referrals to the relevant service providers to meet those needs.

We are also able to record problems or issues encountered by mental health carers and the people with experience of mental illness they support. These issues are the reported to the NSW Mental Health Commission in order to help improve the quality of those services and their relevance to carer needs.

If you are not sure of the correct organisation to contact in order to help you in your caring role, why not give ARAFMI NSW a call and see if one of our helpful telephone operators can assist.

Freecall - 1800 655 198 call or (02) 9332 0700

For urgent assistance, call: