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Q&A Info Session // NDIS: Access & Eligibility // Mon 10 - Fri 14 July

The last National Disability Insurance Scheme Q&A Info Session was such a success!

Thanks so much to everyone for their questions and comments. Into the future, in each NDIS Q&A we will have the opportunity to discuss a specific aspect of this new national scheme.

July’s topic will be NDIS Access and Eligibility.

From Monday, 10 July – Friday, 14 July we are opening the floor to you to ask whatever you want about Access & Eligibility for the NDIS Smiley Happy 

For this Q&A Info Session we can consider things like;

What are the access requirements?

What are the eligibility criteria?

What is suitable evidence to submit?.

Additionally, this will be good opportunity for the Partner in the Community Organisation to elaborate on what they do at that end of their work and to hear from you on how your NDIS plan is working for you.

Responses from the moderator & NDIA will take around 24 hours, so be sure to keep checking in!

Two things you can do now

1. Hit the 'Like' button below to get an email reminder when the event starts

2. Want to know more about the basics of the NDIS? Check out our previous Q&A Info Session


Re: Q&A Info Session // NDIS: Access & Eligibility // Mon 10 - Fri 14 July

Hi @Pinkicorn

Just letting you know you can ask any questions you have from now until Friday this week Smiley Happy

Hope to see you around.


Re: Q&A Info Session // NDIS: Access & Eligibility // Mon 10 - Fri 14 July

Hi Eveyone, 


My name is JazzHands, and I'm here as a moderator to assist the NDIS communicate with members of the forums. 

If you have a question please ask! I can assist with information, linking and understanding the NDIS. Specific questions can then be forwarded to the NDIS and they will respond in about 24 hours.



These are questions based on access and eligibility around the NDIS - dispelling some myths and helping to understand the process. If you have another question, it may be answered in the previous forum we held, or there may be a forum in fuutre that adresses it. (But dont hesitate to just ask if its critical either!!) 


Looking forward to hearing from you, 

Re: Q&A Info Session // NDIS: Access & Eligibility // Mon 10 - Fri 14 July

Ok so I'm preparing my Access Request (the NDIS has just gone live in my area) and I'm trying to get my head around the kind of evidence the NDIA is looking for. My Partners in Recovery Support Facilitator & I have been working with my mental health clinicians for several months already.

Any tips from folks who've been down this road (and were successful) already?

Re: Q&A Info Session // NDIS: Access & Eligibility // Mon 10 - Fri 14 July

@JazzHands @NikNik


What does the NDIA think about following this letter

Re: Q&A Info Session // NDIS: Access & Eligibility // Mon 10 - Fri 14 July

@JazzHands @NikNik

Suitable evidence question - my practitioner focussed his letter for my ndis access around my apparent inability to manage my own mental health and requested for support based on not being able to meet minimum mental health management . Has he missed the point should he focus more on the functioning impact across communication, self care etc areas and the impact on relationships and work rather than health 🤔 ( irrelevant to the question however i believe i can manage my own health )

Re: Q&A Info Session // NDIS: Access & Eligibility // Mon 10 - Fri 14 July

@JasJac @ndisrupt

Have passed on your questions, likely get a formal response tomorrow.

The form you posted @JasJac looks great. Would allow NDIS staff to have really clear stepped out information on how your condition impacts your daily life.

I'll let the NDIS formally answer the other questions you both have but it seems like you're both on the right track. 👌

Re: Q&A Info Session // NDIS: Access & Eligibility // Mon 10 - Fri 14 July




NDIA gave me some info late yesterday to share. In your case PIR are there to support their exisist participants through this process.  You can share this information to make sure they have it rock solid too.  If you need help finding exisisting evidence you can ask your PIR Coordinator to assist with this. Ta - JazzHands

Access requests – permanent impairment

Likely permanence of impairment can be confirmed when a primary treating clinician (usually a psychiatrist or GP) provides evidence that:

  • all appropriate treatment options that may remedy the impairment have been fully explored;
  • the impairment (impact of the mental health condition) is likely to remain regardless of the ongoing recovery journey.


Important facts about likely permanence of impairment:

  • A mental health condition can be episodic while the attributable impairment can be considered permanent
  • There is no requirement for diagnosis (but helpful if available)
  • There is no requirement that treatment must be completed for permanency to be demonstrated


Helpful information GP or psychiatrist can provide:

  • Onset of mental health condition
  • History of treatment
  • Recommendations for further treatment (if applicable)


Helpful documents

  • Existing psychiatric reports
  • Medical reports provided for other government services
  • Hospital discharge summaries


NDIS Access Request – Functional Capacity

To enable the NDIA to determine if a person meets the disability or early intervention access requirements, the person may need to provide evidence of their disability. This includes information on what their disability is, how long it will last, and its impact on their life.  Evidence of disability and functional impact may be outlined by a GP or health professional in the following ways:


  1. completing the NDIS Supporting Evidence Form or sections of the Access Request Form (N.B You get these directly from the NDIS when you apply - JazzHands)
  2. documenting that the person has or is likely to have a permanent disability
  3. providing copies of reports or assessments relevant to the diagnosis that outline the extent of the functional impact of the disability


The NDIA needs information on the potential participant’s capacity to carry out activities within the domains (functional capacity). Helpful assessments can be completed by AMHOCN trained support workers including:

  • Health of Nation Outcome Scale (HONOS)
  • Life Skills Profile 16 (LSP 16)
  • World Health Organisation Disability Assessment Schedule (WHODAS)


Useful resources:

Completing the access process for the NDIS – tips for communicating about psychosocial disability


Re: Q&A Info Session // NDIS: Access & Eligibility // Mon 10 - Fri 14 July



See my previous post around permanence and evidence.

You can't really blame your practitioner for giving only that response.  So far thats all they really have had to comment on in the past.  Many GP's and allied health staff don't really have a handle on what to include for applications to the NDIS as we are all learning together. 


The NDIS advised:

Mental health professionals need to provide information on the functional impact of the impairment on the individual
*  Functional information is best provided through functional assessment
*  When documenting the impact of a person’s disability, the six domains of impact the NDIA requires information about are:
    mobility, communication, social interaction, learning, self-care, self-management


I would read this as, yes that is great you have your diagnostic information, but you can get your evidence of imparment information from other allied health sources. (or go back and ask for additional information to your practitioner)


It's about collecting as much evidence around each of the six areas to show how you are imapcted by any mental  health or physical health conditions you have.  Finally we can discuss our whole selves and how mental health and phyiscal health both impact on us at the same time!


Re: Q&A Info Session // NDIS: Access & Eligibility // Mon 10 - Fri 14 July

@JazzHands thank you!!

For urgent assistance, call: