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Senior Contributor

Mental Health Week competition..Who won?

Speaking purely on my own behalf of course, but I would love to see poem, painting, audio clip, of what won on the topic of Self Care!

Re: Mental Health Week competition..Who won?



We have 2 prize winners.

@kristin sent through this art work of a tree - which is a recreation of a vision she saw while practicing mindfulness. It's something she now has hanging in her home as a reminder of a need to be grounded and to practice mindfulness.

being a tree.JPG

Re: Mental Health Week competition..Who won?

The next prize is for @TheArtist01  who wrote the poem below. She uses this daily in her climb to overcome mental illness. The image that accompanies the poem was created of outback Australia - where@TheArtist01  wanted to be.



Depression, is actually a cause for celebration

Embrace the sensitivity and your emotions

Learn to love yourself for who you are, and don’t beat yourself up with guilt

I have been there, too many times and that’s what we do.


Accept that a lot of the sadness

Has been brought upon you because of

Society’s conditioning and expectations

Grief, loss of loved ones, loss of many things

Including opportunities lost in the past.


Celebrate the truth that you are fragile,

Yes, and that is an absolute gift.

Creativity and beauty comes from those

Who are fragile, sensitive, loving and kind.

We are the beautiful people who make the

World go around, and this is so very true.



You may not believe it now, I do so understand.

But if you wake each morning and it may be hard

For you, to even get out of bed.  Read these

Don’t ever say “I’m not worth anything”

And never stop loving yourself. Do something

Just for you.  It’s not being selfish and

Neither is it being self indulgent,

Make yourself feel very special, because you so are.

Re: Mental Health Week competition..Who won?

Congratulations to both artists! Love the tree..and the poem..

Re: Mental Health Week competition..Who won?

Yes yes !

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