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Senior Contributor

Mental Health Week - It Begins with Me

Join us for  'Mental Health Begins with Me' - October 5 - 12. 

It doesn't matter if you have a mental illness, or care for someone who has a mental illness, having an interest in maintaining good health is impotant both for ourselves and the people we care for. 

So this week is about making a promise to yourself to care for YOU. Throughout the week we'll be setting Community Challenges to increase our mental health.


Look out for:

Monday - SANE's Mind and Body expert will be getting the ball rolling,  setting challenges to get you moving about and thinking about how to stay well.  

Tuesday - Topic Tuesday: In the Lived Experience Forum we will have mindfulness specialist and registered psychologist, Jordan, from Mindfulgym will be giving practical tools, advice and exercises to incorpoate mindfulness into your life. 6pm - 8pm AEST

Wednesday - Random acts of kindness challenge

Thursday -  Technology: sharing & rating apps that help our mental health

Friday - Wrap up


We would also love to hear your thoughts about ABC's Mental As... campaign running throughout the week.


Excitingly we will also be running a competition! More info soon!


I hope you can join us for a big Mental Health Week here in the forums!

Smiley Happy



Re: Mental Health Week - It Begins with Me

I love the ABCs campaign.
normalises a daily occurrence that doesn't need to be normalised.
thanks for you Cherry bomb, hobbit, NikNik for normalising my conflicted mind travelling.

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