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Community Manager

Career Chat // Ask Us Anything! // Tues. 12 Dec, 7pm AEDT

Career Chat.jpg

It is that time of the year where we all start to reflect and evaluate ourselves and what might 2018 bring.

This week’s career session is open mic night. Ask us anything.

Topics can inclue:

- Writing resumes

- Hidden job market

- Job Searching technqiues

@OstaraAust will kick off at 7pm AEDT Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Career Chat // Ask Us Anything! // Tues. 12 Dec, 7pm AEDT

Hi everyone,

Hope you can make it tonight with @OstaraAust for the final Career Chat of the year!

Hit the LIKE button in the initial post in this thread to get an email reminder this afternoon!


Re: Career Chat // Ask Us Anything! // Tues. 12 Dec, 7pm AEDT

We have now come to the end of 2017 and it has been a big year for many of us. It is also the time of year to reflect on all our achievements and also our own progress towards meeting our personal employment goals.

This evening we are here to chat about any of your reflections from the past 12 months concerning your career or even how you can progress towards gaining employment in the New Year.

You may have attended a job interview this year and did not get the job and not sure of the reasons why? Perhaps you are considering changing careers in the new year and not sure how to do this? Or maybe you are wanting some tips and suggestions to get into the hidden job market.

Come online for a chat. It would be great to hear from you.

Re: Career Chat // Ask Us Anything! // Tues. 12 Dec, 7pm AEDT

There are many benefits returning back to work after experiencing mental illness.
Many experts agree that in general working can be therapeutic and assist with recovery from mental illness. There is a positive connection between employment and mental health recovery.
Some of the advantages of returning to work can include:
• Assist with rehabilitation and recovery
• Provides independence and sense of purpose.
• Improves self-esteem and confidence which improves general mental health.
• Creates a sense of community, contribution and inclusion
• Provides the opportunity to meet people and make new friends.
• Improves financial situation; which provides the opportunity for more choices and control over lifestyle

Has anyone returned back to work this year? Did you experience an improvement in your recovery, self-esteem and confidence?

Re: Career Chat // Ask Us Anything! // Tues. 12 Dec, 7pm AEDT

Traditionally, when applying for employment, most of the time we turn to sites such as Seek to navigate through various open vacancies. We apply and sometimes we don’t hear back from our applications. If this is what you have been experiencing this year, perhaps it is time to tap into the Hidden Job Market and take a fresh approach to looking for work in 2018.

About 70-80% of jobs that are available are not advertised through mainstream mediums such as Seek. This is known as the Hidden Job Market. The percentage of jobs available in the hidden job market varies between industries, the size of a business and also the type of job individuals may be looking for. There are many avenues that individuals can use to access jobs within the hidden job market. One of the key elements of success to tap into the hidden job market is to build a network to meet as many people as possible. This can be a confronting process for many people and it is important to find a method that is comfortable for you.

Hidden job market includes:

  • Asking your friends and family for employment opportunities
  • Through various volunteer groups
  • Joining groups online such as LinkedIn
  • Talking direct with recruiters
  • Speaking to your local shop owners whom you have been going to for years
  • Company websites through their career page
  • Cold calling
  • Community groups
  • Attending career fairs
  • Paying attention to the type of business you may drive past or on your public transport rout
  • And more


Has anyone been successful in gaining employment through the Hidden Job Market? How did you access the Hidden Job Market?

Re: Career Chat // Ask Us Anything! // Tues. 12 Dec, 7pm AEDT

This brings us to the end of our last session for the year. We have enjoyed connecting with you all. Hope you have gained some useful tools and ideas from our forums.

On behalf of Ostara, we wish you all the very best for a safe and joyful Christmas and New Year. Look forward to connecting again in the new year.

Re: Career Chat // Ask Us Anything! // Tues. 12 Dec, 7pm AEDT

Oh I missed this 😢.  @OstaraAust,

@NikNik I missed the important career chats I wanted to attend. One I was in ED for........the one I really wanted to be part of. Is there anyway we can do this differently so if you miss it you can still find out things or be part of an ongoing discussion. I’m feeling like I’m missing a great resource. I’m half wondering if it could run a bit like the ndis info sessions over a week or something. Just throwing ideas out there. Sorry for being waaaay to late to the party 😏😔. 


Sorry @NikNik emotions got the better of me last night. Edited when calmer. I looked to blame not accept. Not cool. Sorry 😔

Re: Career Chat // Ask Us Anything! // Tues. 12 Dec, 7pm AEDT

Am very curious about how one changes career

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