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bipolar mania onset

I was diagnosed bipolar1  5 years ago (though probably had it for many years before that untreated)  and am really commited to being more stable these days.  I also have CPTSD with depression and anxiety being chronic problems.   I use meds, CBT and mindfulness techniques as well as trying to keep my diet healthy and have a good sleep routine ..............BUT........  I have not been able to get to the point where I can prevent the onset of hypomania and it doesn't take long for that to escalate into mania or worse (psychosis in the past) and I can stay hyperactive and sleep deprived for many weeks before it passes.  It is beginning again at the moment (over the last few days)  and I have a wait before I can see my psychiatrist and have my meds adjusted.  I'd really appreciate some support and any advice people may have.


Re: bipolar mania onset

Hi eth,
I too have bipolar disorder mine is currently untreated and if you read through my first few, well nearly every post I have written on here was during stages of mania. I can suggest what I noticed was I started getting jittery and very excitable. I spoke to my wife that it was happening.

She suggested that I keep thinking about the fact of where I was at and tp remember that I should not let my thoughts eacape to an unrealistic idea of self (very difficult) I got some sleep finally last night and crashed out so nice.

I stopped from going into psychosis only just and that was because I was aware of exactly how excited I was and keeping the thoughts positive but almost capped I don't know if that will help hopefully you get through this phase

Maybe a few others can help also they have helped me and are fantastic here

Re: bipolar mania onset

Thanks Kato.  I don't have anyone here to talk to about it and realised over the last few days that all my support people (all a very long way away) can only do so much.  None of them has experienced bipolar or CPTSD and none of them has lived on the meds I do.

Re: bipolar mania onset

Hi eth,

Just wanted to say that I know how it feels.


The hardest part is trying to keep positive and to keep the imaginative lid on it till it can hopefully subside.


Have you also tried relaxation techniques like breath? 


I think that is whay it is called deep breathing with the focus on positive reinforcement on inhale

Exhale is negative thoughts and concerns


I find 10mins is good for me it might helpful

Re: bipolar mania onset

I have similar problems, eth, and I really relate to what your saying. For me sleep is key, I can recognise when I've had a bad day or a few bad days and I'm falling into a pattern of poor sleep and I use prescribed sleeping (bad word) to get me get my sleep back in order. Recently I banished all screens and lights and pets from the bedroom to help minimise distractions in the night. 


That mostly works. When it doesn't my moods can get very out of control to the point where I feel I'm losing my sense of reality. Smiley Sad


At this point I practice being ordinary : 


I try to keep my words and actions ordinary even when my thoughts and feelings are not. Needless to say this is not easy. 


I also recommend reaching out for help: Call your psych or counsellor for a crisis appointment, take leave, go to a support group, put off stressful activities, call life line, be proactive in managing stress and anxiety. I consider it an investment in my mental health. 


My counsellor says : you do whatever it takes to stay sane. 


Good luck! 

Re: bipolar mania onset

Kato I do use breathing exercises with mindfulness practice but it's harder to do it when I get too agitated and hyper.

Re: bipolar mania onset

Thanks chemonro
I too use sleep hygiene practice as much as possible but it doesn't help when I get hyper. These days I also make sure I don't go running around town or acting out when I know it's happening, but try to be busy in quiet ways at home. I haven't been able to work for several years. There are no support groups for bipolar in this town. I have already reached out to the docs but have to wait to see the psychiatrist to get my meds adjusted. That's why I really need some advice now, during the waiting period. I am hoping to find ideas to prevent mania onset but getting the impression that there isn't much more I can do than what I am doing (which isn't working well enough).

Re: bipolar mania onset

The last four nights I've only had 3-4 hours sleep no matter what I tried, including prescribed meds.

Re: bipolar mania onset

*hugs* that can really make a mess or of anyone, eth Smiley Sad

Re: bipolar mania onset

I can't speak for myself as I don't even try this but physical exercise maybe that will help I haven't done this myself tho but not sure to how effective it might be. But I got thinking and it might help tire you out to get some rest plus its healthy for the body I don't mean exercise for hours on end but maybe a good solid run/jog or exercise bike for a bit.
Try diet stuff aswell like less caffeine intake and less sugars..... again I am the complete opposite something else I haven't tried yet my wife was arguing with me earlier and her main point was currently for the last few weeks breakfast when I finally get out if bed was chocolate

I think those are maybe helpful but I shouldn't preach what I don't practice
Stay strong

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