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Something’s not right


Wow what a day or should I say a Head #&%*

Warning a rant dont read if you having a bad day


Saturday / Sunday

Get up 2 coffees plan the day (had stereo to fit in our car knew it was going to be hard and need a lot of planning) look at this sight put up a post get started,

pull rear of car apart remove everything that needed removal and work out where the plugs are then strt trying to find the apropriate wires (BMW) run the radio and amps etc in the boot and have a display only in dash all the boot stuff was removed when we brought it.) spend about 1 hr finding the correct wires for the radio plug all the connectors into the apropriate places in the boot and connect the radio head unit to the purchased extension cable bbut nothing works no turn on or anything. spend the next 2 hrs looking at everything in the car looking for modified wiring nothing so I walk away from radio bit and tint the windows instead so I can find a different mind set.

all thru this 6 calls from my mother (83 fighting cnacer stroke survivor) Asking questions re her medications and how its going with car radio. Questions re her budget and stuff. I would just get into something and bang mobile goes off. used to it I thought but yesterday just did my head in.

Finish tinting windows then back to radio headache.

go up stairs cook lunch for everyone (ex and Daughter in law) whilst eating hear a voice down stairsits a young lady that cam out our way with some guys on Friday evening realised they had bad intensions so ran away at she says 3 am. walked till 11.45 sat out the front f our property and decided to ask for a drink and how long to walk to town. its 46k one direction and 60k the other. so we ran her into town.get home and cop a barage from my ex re helping random people I will never leave a person who needs assitance in dire straights esp a female regardless if they look like a drug adict or what ever I would hope someone would do the same for my family.

Back home and after much thought (read head pounding) I decide to plug the radio head into the other adaptor that came with it (only 600mm long not 5 Mtrs) radio turns on speakers work everything works as it should.

I start comparing both the wiring harnesses and find the long big dollar harnes is all wired wrong at the radio end.GRRR.

Take the 2 harnesses up stairs sit down with a pad and pen and draw up the wiring for both on paper then design what to cut and solder to make it work.

get about 25% into this and get a text message from youngest son (he has an Aquired brain injury from when he was 41/2 now 23) stating he was struggling with things as someone said something he didnt like. has been suposedly trying to call me all day but no phone calls of even missed calls.

So I drop everything and spend the next 3 hrs sorting him out I hate confabulation and ABI's. by the time I have done this I just have no more left in me. went to bed couldnt sleep after many hours of trying I get up have a shower and start to design the modifications for the wiring harness for the radio in our car. but I just cannot concentrate enough on it to get it right so mentally tired as well as tired. going to go back to bed and try again later I hope I sleep. Just realised I only had lunch yesterdaymaybe thats a contributor to me not being able to do what im capable of doing.

Some days I wonder why life is so chalenging why life is giving so many of us shit,


Sorry just had to get this out


Re: Wow what a day or should I say a Head #&%*

Feeling for you @Maxi7  It does sound like a doozy of a day.  Hope you've managed to eat some good food and get some rest since your post.  And that getting it all out here has been helpful for you.  I think anyone would be at their wits end after such a day.  Hope your son has settled down by now.  And good on you for helping the young woman out.  Take care - remember to breathe when it all gets too much and try to do some sort of self-care things - not sure what they are for you.  There's a thread called what’s in your tool box? and another called Coping Box  that might have some ideas for you.

Re: Wow what a day or should I say a Head #&%*

Sounds like you are the goto person when things need doin. @Maxi7 

Smiley Happy

Good on you for all that.  Its hard taking care of family when the stakes are high.


I often forgot to eat ... or then over do it ...

Getting habits going and I keep planning the next healthy thing seems to keep me on a reasonable even keel, but still have those nights, when I really ought to be exhausted and out like a light ... but cant sleep either.


Yes SOmetimes we just need to get it out and say hi!


Take Care

Smiley Happy

Re: Wow what a day or should I say a Head #&%*

@Maxi7, how are you today my friend xxx


Re: Wow what a day or should I say a Head #&%*

Hey @Shaz51 

I am having a hard time things out of  my control but making life hard. I will beat it just struggling with the road it has taken us.

I hope you are doing your best and being the best you can by the hour like I do.


Regard Maxi7


Re: Wow what a day or should I say a Head #&%*

Hi @eth,and @Appleblossom 

Thank you for your comments and support.

@ethI will look at the other forums tomorrow night.

@AppleblossomI need to set better safe planning for my health esp while our son is so hightened.


Have a great week Maxi7

Re: Wow what a day or should I say a Head #&%*

@Maxi7  sitting with you my friend , how is things today

verrrryyyy hot up here today , no work , the lawns have all gone brown xx

Re: Wow what a day or should I say a Head #&%*

Putting Self Care higher on my todo list has been important for me and family.

Smiley Happy


Its the long haul with your boy, so you really need to look after you.  Dont get run down.

Smiley Happy

Re: Wow what a day or should I say a Head #&%*

Hi @Shaz51 and @Appleblossom 

Thank you for your support.


Yes @Shaz51 it has been a hot few days with lots more to come. 

I went with a friend who is a bee keeper he has 40 hives a couple of hours from us in forestry area we put 200 ltrs of water out for them on Saturday yesterday when he went back to refil they had none left on Tuesday that only had about 90ltr left. 


@Appleblossom , @Shaz51 I hope your day is going great and you are keeping cool.




Re: Wow what a day or should I say a Head #&%*

Wow @Maxi7 That would have been interesting. 

Smiley Happy

Poor bees they need water too.


Hope you are going well.


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