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Something’s not right

Casual Contributor

New mum - social anxiety, constant guilt

Hi all,


I’m a mum to a beautiful 6 month old. Text book angel baby. Me on the other hand, an anxious mess. Since bub was born I’ve hardly socialized, I feel all my energy goes towards giving bub all she needs. Other people just drain me. Ongoing trust issues I feel. I know I have depression, and anxiety. Just have zero motivation, and do feel alone. Hence I am here. Introverts unite via online chat yeah?!haha


If anyone has been in the same boat and can extend a lifeline I’d love some help. 😀


Re: New mum - social anxiety, constant guilt

Hey @MsBear83,

Welcome to the forums, I'm one of the moderators. Sorry to hear that you're struggling with anxiety and depression at the moment and feeling very alone. Post-natal anxiety is really common for new parents as it's such an overwhelming time even with an angel baby Smiley Happy I can hear you are really looking to connect to people who can relate and I hope you get lots of support here. 

I also wanted to let you know about PANDA (Peri-natal Anxiety and Depression Australia) who have an amazing phone service for supporting new parents struggling with their mental health. I believe they also have a peer support element to their service, where you can receive support over the phone from other parents who have been through mental health challenges in the perinatal period. 



1300 726 306


Take care, 




Re: New mum - social anxiety, constant guilt

Not in the same boat @MsBear83 but you're not alone and we wanted to send you some love & support Heart

Re: New mum - social anxiety, constant guilt

Thank you, I’ll give them a call Smiley Happy

Re: New mum - social anxiety, constant guilt

That’s so lovely, thank you Smiley Happy

For urgent assistance, call: