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Something’s not right

Senior Contributor

NDIS info needed

My therapist has been seeing me as part of a charitable organization, but tonight he told me he is leaving the group to go full-time into private counselling services at the end of November.  My choices now are to start over again with a new counsellor or see him privately at $150 an hour, which is impossible for me.  Then he told me that the NDIS funds counselling sessions and perhaps it's something I could look into.  I'm kind of numb right now, dazed, I tried to look at their page but not much is going in, it's too much info hitting me all at once.  Could someone tell me where to look it up, provide a direct link or tell me even if it's possible. 


To be honest, I would rather give all hope up.  I told him I would not see anyone else, he's my eighth counsellor of which him and my last therapist were any good.  He tried to convince me to keep trying with whoever I can get help from, to accept a new counsellor from the charity.  I am 55, maybe I just need to accept that I will never get any better, never will be happy, and get on with it.  Every time I think life has given me a chance to fix things, to be happy, it gets taken away.  I'm done.  I'm going to see if this NDIS thing can help and if it won't I am done.  I'm too tired, too numb to care or keep going on.


Sssoooo, if anyone knows about this NDIS thingy, let me know.


Re: NDIS info needed

hi @Lemonjuice


I haven't had any experience with ndis directly yet but I know @eth has been going through the process

Re: NDIS info needed

@BabyDragon  thanks, hopefully they will see this.

Re: NDIS info needed

Hi @Lemonjuice and thanks for the tag @BabyDragon.  

Lemonjuice I now have NDIS funding and it's really changing my life.  Including paying for psychology weekly for the rest of the year.  But you are also able to get 10 sessions with a mental health care plan and another 5 with a chronic health care plan - both of which you do with your GP.

If you want to follow my journey to get NDIS approved it's on the Anyone started with the NDIS? thread I started last February (2017).   

It's a lot to read but there's a heap of good tips in there from me and others.  If you have specific questions then feel free to ask me.  The NDIS ph number is 1800 800 110 - if you do ring them about the access process get them to send you the forms (post or email) and do the initial application with your doctor.  Make sure the Dr stressed the ways your disability affects your function - very important.  And also they have to say that your diagnosis is 'lifelong and significant' - i.e. permanent.  These are the 2 critical criteria to get accepted.  A report from your psychologist detailing those factors is also important.  

I really hope to help you, but it would be good for you to read the thread I mentioned first if possible so I'm not repeating myself - I am managing bipolar 1 and complex PTSD and at times have limited energy.

Don't give up - it's really worth persevering.

Re: NDIS info needed

@eth thanks for this!  I'm going to check it out now.  I've spent the day getting iron infusion, between you and the iron infusion, feeling better and more clear headed.💓

Re: NDIS info needed

Glad to help @Lemonjuice  Smiley Happy

Re: NDIS info needed

@eth I called, I was so nervous, but the lady was nice.  She is sending me out the paperwork.  I have to get paperwork from the gp, counsellor and I think I will pay something to see a shrink on a one off to get an official diagnosis, just to add some strength to the whole thing.  


You saved me.  I was so angry with the world and with myself, for always being poor, that this was it for me, the last straw.  It's given me some breathing space, not to become self-destructive, to wait.  I owe you. 💓



Re: NDIS info needed

@BabyDragon  Thank you soooooo much for guiding eth to me.  My paperwork is coming and I am feeling some relief.  💓

Re: NDIS info needed

Well you've taken the first step @Lemonjuice Good for you.  Wishing you all the best with gathering your evidence for them.  Remember the 2 most important things are 1. permanent and significant disability and 2. the actual functional effects of your disability.  i.e. they don't just see the diagnosis and approve or disapprove of it, they make you jump through hoops for it.  Best of luck.

Thanks from me too @BabyDragon

Re: NDIS info needed

I'll keep that in mind. Thanks.

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