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Helplines when Sane is 'offline'



I have a question who to reach out to when Sane helpline is not available. My understanding is that Sane helpline is run by mental health professionals. Are there other services when Sane is not online that are run by MH professionals?


I've had a really rough weekend and the evenings/nights have been the worst in a while. I do access helplines like Sane when I need to during the week, but I am lost on the weekends or in the middle of the night. My problem is that I am very confused and/or numb when I need to contact a helpline. I also have suicidal ideation and have attempted to take my life before. I feel safe to discuss this with Sane and I can see what we discussed and problem solved if I chat online and ask for the transcript. My biggest fear is that I talk to another helpline and they call an ambulance because I don't make sense. That would be so damaging if I'm not at risk.


Please help.


Re: Helplines when Sane is 'offline'

Hey there @Aeiou Heart


We're all sitting with you here in this community, and I'm very sorry to hear about the heavy thoughts you've been up against Heart I hope you know that amongst us you are not alone and we really value you and your recovery. I am glad the SANE Helpline has helped you, our counsellors are online and the phones between 10am-10pm weekdays, although they are not intended to be a crisis support service. If you need crisis support you can contact SCBS (1300 659 467) or chat with them here.

I can understand your worry that they may perform an intervention when you're not at risk, in this case just let the counsellor know at the start of the call/chat session you're not at risk, as per their duty of care they won't escalate to emergency services unless the risk is imminent Heart Of course there is also Lifeline, have you ever tried them?


How are your face to face supports? Do you attend any support groups at the moment? 

Re: Helplines when Sane is 'offline'

Thank you @nashy 

I have heard that term before 'crisis support service'. For me it is more a 'crisis prevention support service', as I shut down when I get to crisis. Thanks for letting me know that they are not allowed to call emergency services if I tell them not to. I am bit uncomfortable with Lifeline helpline, but I have talked to them before. SCBS is good, but I have rarely contacted them, I always thought they were like a last resort thing, and then it takes forever until they answer.

I do have a treatment team, but to be honest 5 days between therapy and group therapy (and I know I'm incredibly lucky I have intense support) is just too much. There are just too many thoughts, flashbacks, triggers... and my memory is mushy peas. I am confused now and numb. Bye

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