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Something’s not right

Senior Contributor

Having mi and parenting an asd child

Hi all,

I normally use lived experience forums and I have posted this there as well.


I have alot of mi stuff and it gets challenging being a parent but now teachers and drs believe that my Mr 6 has autism. I know what autism is like having a younger brother with it. But despite practically raising my brother it still feels daunting that he could have it. 


Another issue I have is his dr talking about all the medication he should be on if he is diagnosed. I don't want him to go on medication and I don't think he needs it.


Anyone got some advice?


Re: Having mi and parenting an asd child

hellllllllooo my @BabyDragon 

sending you hugs my friend Heart

with practically raising your  brother who has  autism, how did he go ?? was he on lots of meds

it will still feels daunting too add this to your family , one step at a time my friend

how about writting down all your concerns and talk to the doctor about them

How is your son now with no Meds ?

how will the meds help ? ect

Re: Having mi and parenting an asd child

Hi @Shaz51 ,


My brother is good while he is 21 with the mind of a child he is not on regular medication. He just has a calmative/ sedative for major melt downs which he only gets when stressed. Drs had wanted him on meds to and said he would never walk or talk but he does that and has no meds.


While I have had and inkling there was something there I didn't think it was autism. He is extremely clingy, prefers adult company or to play alone, but he does have friends at school. He strives on routine if it changes he has trouble adapting and coping. While he is in main stream school he is behind in almost every thing except maths which he is ahead in. He is extremely literal and sarcasm goes straight over his head. He also prefers helping his father in the garden or watching power rangers and loves things that spin. Loud noise upsets him and he is an extremely fussy eater so I use kids sustagin to help fill in any nutrition gaps. I think he is pretty well adjusted without meds and don't really see eye to eye with the dr when he says that it will help him with focusing at school when me and the teacher have a system that has been working for him and it is almost impossible to get him to take any medicine that isn't panadol

Re: Having mi and parenting an asd child

thanks for the information @BabyDragon 

I can see now why you are unsure what to do

it is great that you  and the teacher have a system that has been working for your son at the moment

if things seems to be working ok at the moment , would it be good to continue that way until like when situations change over the next year

@BabyDragon  you are a wonderful mum Heart

our niece has the same , but she is 12 now , and they had to move to the city for more support

Re: Having mi and parenting an asd child

Thanks @Shaz51, we have actually moved rural this is the first school where my son actually stays in the school and the teachers work with us rather than shoving him in a play room.

Re: Having mi and parenting an asd child

wow @BabyDragon , it makes a diffence when you get good support my friend , that is sooo great xoxo

Re: Having mi and parenting an asd child

Really frustrated with this process right now I mean first I was told that the peadiatrician comes to the local hospital every three months and now I'm being told that I will have to travel to them. With my partner unable to get the time off work and I can't drive I have to a six year old who freaks out about the bus tipping over at every corner on a 4 hour bus ride with no stops.


They also had me fill out an observation sheet about my son's behavioral characteristics which I was fine with but I have to find out from the his teacher that she was sent an observation questionnaire as well

Shouldn't they have told they were doing that anyway the results of those came back with an 80% chance of him having Asperger's or high functioning autism

Re: Having mi and parenting an asd child

wow @BabyDragon , what a day my friend , sending you hugs Heart

@Darcy, @Determined , @Sherry , @Faith-and-Hope , @Smc , @Ali11 , @greenpea 

Re: Having mi and parenting an asd child

@BabyDragon  ohhh ....BabyDragon this is only the beginning with asd children it is a life long battle of appointments, forms and meetings. Welcome xxxx

Re: Having mi and parenting an asd child

@BabyDragon, how are you going today Heart

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