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Something’s not right

Senior Contributor

Feeling frustrated right now

It's been one thing after another this morning first my sons routine was put out of wack because his favourite breakfast ran out yesterday and I haven't had the chance to get him more so he went into tantrum mode and everything was a struggle his clothes were too cold put them in the dryer then they were too hot. His socks weren't the right colour, his shoes were too tight, then I had to bribe him with riding his scooter to school because it was after 8 o'clock. Everything was a tantrum. Granted he doesn't have the regular screaming tantrums other kids have, he sits on the bed puts the blanket over his head covers his ears closes his eyes and sings (baby shark at the moment but it changes). Finally got him to school and managed to be there on time so no tantrum there. 

Got home and realised I left my keys in the house. Thankfully managed to open the window near the front door



Re: Feeling frustrated right now

hey @BabyDragon
sorry youve had such a rough morning with your son. hope the rest of your day goes ok though

Re: Feeling frustrated right now

sending you lots of hugs @BabyDragon 

how did the rest of the day go my friend xx

Re: Feeling frustrated right now

Sending you much love @BabyDragon Heart. Sounds like it was a bit of a "when it rains, it pours" morning, but you got through it (and the rest of the day). How was your afternoon?

Re: Feeling frustrated right now

Hi @outlander , @Shaz51 and @Ali11,


It was definitely a rough morning but putting that aside the rest of the day went okay. Did food shopping and got his cereal thank God it's Wednesday tomorrow as he has tuckshop which means not having to do his lunch up tonight. And I found all of his socks today so he has the right colour socks. 

Hoping tomorrow goes better but in saying that it is state of origin dress up day at the school tomorrow and he is funny about these days as he wants to join in but doesn't like wearing different clothes to school so we have discussed just wearing a maroons jacket over his school uniform so we will see what happens in the morning going to send his school jumper as well anyway just incase.

Re: Feeling frustrated right now

Glad you got some things done today @BabyDragon  hopeing tomorrow doesnt present  to many challanges for you. 

Re: Feeling frustrated right now

Hi @outlander , @Ali11  and @Shaz51 ,


Well I was right he changed his mind not doing tantrums today so just going to let him dress as he wants, I'm not going to force him to free dress when he doesn't want to. 

Re: Feeling frustrated right now

Hi @BabyDragon 

What's happening?

Re: Feeling frustrated right now

Sorry @Darcy I didn't reply sooner been really busy my Mr 6 wants to start a YouTube channel and with recent events he can finally do that so been going between house work setting up an account and preparing a first video for him to do which works in with my YouTube channel. 


Other than that I have been trying to decide what to do about This

Re: Feeling frustrated right now


Taking on your 3 half siblings is a big thing, will you get any financial/emotional support with this? These precious little ones would  come to you wounded and whilst in desperate need of appropriate love and care may take time to adjust/trust. Children however are remarkably adaptable, it might be harder for the adult/s in the house to adjust to 3 extras including a toddler.


Only you can decide this, perhaps connecting with your pdoc or therapist to get  a professional opinion might be worthwhile especially if your heart is full of love for them. You might find if you do decide to take them, you might need some "preventative" therapy sessions to keep you in remission.


Is it possible to have them for a month for a "holiday" and see how you manage?

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