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Casual Contributor

Dealing with a BPD partner

Hi everyone,

Im new to here because I'm desperately looking for coping strategies for being a supportive partner to someone with BPD. There is so much information out there on what not to do but nothing much on what TO do. Hoping to find someone who has found a successful way of dealing with this


Re: Dealing with a BPD partner

Hi @Andrew1 


The Bordeline in the ACT website (link below)  gives a number of links to pages where specific "to do" guidelines and advice is given. 


Is there a specific situation that you are having specific difficulties with? If other forum members have experienced something similar they may be able to let you know how they managed.

Re: Dealing with a BPD partner

The hardest part is when the arguments start and trying not to take things personally. 

Re: Dealing with a BPD partner

Hello. I can relate to what you are saying. My partner of almost 2 years have BPD and when we have arguments, it is difficult to not take things personally. What I suggest is to practice on thinking logically so that you can approach the situation in a logical manner and instead of reacting, respond to the argument by asking the person a logical question. For example, when my partner says hurtful things to me, I would say, "Is that helpful?" And my partner have apologise. Also if you are not tight on budget, I suggest going to a dual counselling where the counsellor is specialise in schema therapy. The schema therapist would recommend the two of you to attend once a week or once a fortnight because the therapist would give you ongoing practical homework for you to do outside of the counselling session to help improve your relationship

Re: Dealing with a BPD partner

Thanks for your help. We really can't afford intensive therapy at the moment but I have been to the dr to get a care plan for my own therapy. I was in an emotionally abusive relationship for 9 years  before i met my current partner and the damage that did to me is starting to affect my relationship now because I never really dealt with it. I know that being rational and logical sounds easy in theory but its not always easy when you get flashbacks of being abused, even when you know that's not what is happening now

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