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Something’s not right

Senior Contributor

Checking In


I thought I would start a new discussion/thread for us to check in, and especially when needing extra support. I hope this helps  =)

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Re: Checking In

Great idea, @oceangirl. Some of the other check-in threads have thousands of replies, and that may be a little daunting to newer members.  

Re: Checking In

Great idea @oceangirl . Thanks for this. I find a lot of posts on the other check in threads can put people off.


Are you okay?


Checking in myself. I am worried I might wind up in hospital as my psychologist mentioned the possibility. I firmly don't want to go though.

Re: Checking In

Like the idea too @oceangirl 

@QueenieI know you are trying to do a med change and stay out of hospital. It is extremely hard to do. My thoughts are with you.

Re: Checking In

Good idea @oceangirl

hey also to @Ali11 @Queenie and @Snowie

take it one day at a time @Queenie At the end of the day, your health trumps anything else.

I am checking in too. I'm okay. Not bad. Not great. Stressed. But idk... hard to explain -_-

Re: Checking In

@oceangirl Hey, nice to check in. I am ok. Dreaming of a new hobby.

@Snowie how are you going?

@Queenie  Hope the news is good tomorrow when the doctor phones

@Hamsolo01 how are you going?


Re: Checking In


@Meowmy  What hobby are you thinking of doing?

Re: Checking In

@oceangirl Dreaming of go hiking. Tomorrow when I go walking in the morning, I will try to walk on the sand, to build up ankle,knee small muscles

Re: Checking In


@MeowmyI would like to get into the hiking too. Soft sand is great re the muscles and getting fit too. I've just got a mountain bike which I am going to ride as often as possible. 

Re: Checking In


Anybody about?

I am freaking out about my psychologist phoning my psychiatrist in the morning. She really wants me hospitalised. 

I tried logging into crisis chat with Lifeline but I missed the cutoff by an hour. I can't ring them as it will wake the whole house up (everyone is asleep and the Mrs has work in the morning). I'm not really in crisis though anyway, just really anxious. 

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