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New Contributor

Bipolar - false memories?

So my long term partner has bipolar, the last few years she had been cycling through mania and depression even sometimes mixed I think. Due to some difficult life events her mania got much worse and she was finally diagnosed and put on an atypical anti psychotic and mood stabiliser.


I guess my question relates to false or inaccurate memories.


Recently there has been a lot of conversations/events/altercations with myself and others that she remembers very differently than others involved. I previously doubted myself a lot, thinking maybe i have an issue, but as others are coming forward telling me it happened to them too, i am understanding this is her issue. Even since being medicated, she remembers the events that occurred before she was medicated very differently still. Sometimes just combining multiple events into one, different memory of things she or they/I said and remembering a real event but remembering it with a different person involved.


Is this a part of bipolar that others have experienced with someone they cared for? as I am concerned more is going on.


Re: Bipolar - false memories?

Hi @Bipolarcarer 

There is evidence a history of psychotic symptoms in bipolar disorder is associated with working memory dysfunction.  








Re: Bipolar - false memories?

@Bipolarcarer  Hi Bipolarcarer I was first diagnosed with Bipolar 1 now schizoaffective disorder. My memory floats in and out like waves on the shore is the best way to describe it. Memories which are stressful come and go sometimes I can go for days and weeks of not remembering them at all. They might come back with the help of triggers like us talking about memories right now. The truth is that for some with these sorts of mi the damage done to the mind is quite catastrophic imho (it has been for me anyway) for example trying to do study or work in a complex work environment is out of the question. I hope this helps a bit ..... do not feel frustrated it could still be her mind repairing itself, the mind is a strange and wonderful thing. greenpeax


Re: Bipolar - false memories?

Hi @Bipolarcarer, welcome to the forum. Thank you for sharing your experience as a carer. I can imagine it can be quite frustrating for you as a carer to see this happening to your partner, have you found that sometimes her memories correct themselves later on?


Re: Bipolar - false memories?

Yes sometimes she can be reminded they are faulty and depending on her mood she may recall what actually happened but then sometimes weeks/months later it slips back again. All dependant on mood.


Re: Bipolar - false memories?

That's good that the correct memories come back @Bipolarcarer, has your partner's medical team provided information on how to overcome this challenge? 

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