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Something’s not right

New Contributor

Bipolar affective disorder and menopause

Hi there. I am wondering whether anyone out there is going through perimenopause or menopause with diagnosed bipolar disorder. Any treatments or ideas to counter the extreme effects? I'm not coping at all and it is affecting my work, life and the small number of friendships I have. I feel like I did before I was diagnosed with bipolar - and I really really do not want to be there again. It's bloody scaring me. Thanks in advance. 


Re: Bipolar affective disorder and menopause

@Delirium Hi, just read your post. I am unable to comment on bipolar and menopause but I want you to know I understand what your saying. I worry about my condition when I hit menopause and for those around me. Surely your family and friends and work colleagues if know your condition would be respectful and understanding? I got told magnesium tablets could help. It’s good you spoke up, hoping someone with more knowledge on the two symptoms your mentioning could offer some great advice for you. 

Re: Mental Illness and menopause

Hi @Delirium - welcome to the forums, we are so glad you found us. It's not easy to reach out so it's great you have taken that step.

I'm going to tag you into a few other discussions that touch on a similar topic, so you'll get a few notifications about that shortly.

Sorry to hear how tough things have been - have you talked to your doctor yet?

Re: Mental Illness and menopause

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