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Something’s not right

Senior Contributor

Bipolar 1 vs schizophrenia

Hi everyone


I was wondering if anyone new what was the difference between bipolar 1 and schizophrenia. I know with bipolar 1 you have hallucinations, delusions etc plus a mood disorder like depression. With schizophrenia (particularly schizoaffective disorder) you have the same ..... so what is the clincial definition in layman's language.


Just curious as I was first diagnosed with bipolar 1 then schizoaffective disorder. Son2 also has schizophrenia but has huge manic swings. It seems there is a fine line drawn between the two diagnosis. Thanking in advance. peax


Re: Bipolar 1 vs schizophrenia

@greenpea  here are are some visuals that may help images (68).jpg


images (69).jpg


images (70).jpg


Re: Bipolar 1 vs schizophrenia

@Darcy  thanks Darcy just waiting for the pics to show. I like visuals as they often explain so much better than paragraphs of writing. 

Re: Bipolar 1 vs schizophrenia

@Darcy  Hey Darcy the diagms are great but it still doesnt explain the difference between bipolar I and schizo affective disorder. As they both have hallucinations and delusions and mood disorders...... I am a confused pea Smiley Surprised

Re: Bipolar 1 vs schizophrenia

@greenpea is this easier?images (71).jpg



Re: Bipolar 1 vs schizophrenia

@Darcy  Yes that has helped alot Smiley Happyx

Re: Bipolar 1 vs schizophrenia

I have wandered and wondered through masses of literature on the subject. @greenpea 


I have diagnoses of all of them in my family and changing ones .... etc .. mostly it seems there are a few spectrums and I concentrate on the person in front of me ... labels are just a guideline ...

Hugs Gp

Smiley LOL

You've morphed into a doc!


Re: Bipolar 1 vs schizophrenia

Appleblossom Just googled and got this 


Schizoaffective Disorder is often confused with Bipolar Disorder with psychotic features. Both diagnosis include mood changes that impact life as well as symptoms of psychosis. ... However, when mood problems flare up, such as during a depressed or manic episode, the symptoms of psychosis can worsen.


Re: Bipolar 1 vs schizophrenia

Hi @Gazza75  thanks for your support. Have you got any ideas on when the diagnosis flips from one to the other? I have a feeling I will have to ask my psychiatrist next time I see her.

Re: Bipolar 1 vs schizophrenia

Hi @greenpea, I am sorry I don't. I have Bipolar 2.  Definitely worth talking to your doctor. Wishing you well. 

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