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Something’s not right

Senior Contributor

Another tragic suicide.

My nephew sent me a message that another of his friends suicided.  I'm feeling so sad for the young person who suicided, his family and friends and for my nephew who isn't in the best state of mind.  Just sooo sad.


Re: Another tragic suicide.

Hello @Lemonjuice 

I am so sorry to learn of the suicide of your nephew's friend. All suicides are sad but the suicide of a young person seems just so much sadder. I hope your nephew is able to get the support and care that might help him with his grief and pain. And please look after yourself too Lemonjuice. 




Re: Another tragic suicide.

hello and tender hugs my friend @Lemonjuice 

thinking of you lots , hope your nephew is ok xoxo

Re: Another tragic suicide.

@Lemonjuice  we are here for you my friend

sharing is caring and sending you hugs

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