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Senior Contributor

What Musical Instrument Do You Play?

This is a topic to find those of us in this forum who play any musical instrument. Does anyone play any of the following:


2)Guitar(electric or acoustic)




Just to name a few.

How long have you been playing? What type of music do you like to play?

I am a self taught piano player.Love sitting at the piano and singing my head off.Makes me feel good.Its a great feeling.Been playing piano since 1980s when I found a simple way to learn.I could never understand how to read music.I read chords instead. Playing piano is as simple as knowing what to press.Each note has a name.There's 88 of them all together. They start with C,D,E,F,G,A,B,C. Press 3 at the same time and you've got yourself 1 chord.Play that chord with both hands.It sounds much better.Add a few more chords and you've got yourself a song.

I love playing love ballads.They do wonders.

Thanks for stopping by.


Re: What Musical Instrument Do You Play?

Great to hear about your approach to learning to play piano. @Denv12 

I saw a singer playing keyboard last night at an old haunt.

Music is magic.


Re: What Musical Instrument Do You Play?

Hi @Appleblossom

Thank you for replying. Making music is a great feeling.I watched everyone else doing it for years then found a way to learn.It paid off.



Re: What Musical Instrument Do You Play?

Totally into participation in music.

Heart @Denv12 

Re: What Musical Instrument Do You Play?

@Denv12 @Appleblossom I play the piano. Since my last breakdown, I and my fingers forgot a lot of the muscle memories. Now I started on some simple children music book. I quite enjoy those. My mum is getting difficult to look after with early dementia. I try not to upset her with loudness of piano music.


Re: What Musical Instrument Do You Play?

I've been learning Piano since I was a child. Unfortunately the lessons were stopped due to life changes. I have been returning to Piano lessons throughout my life and have enjoyed learning more about this amazing instrument . I have tried to expand my knowledge on my own but lose motivation. With a teacher I am able to focus and extend my music knowledge steadily. I recently started lessons again and have started from the beginning again. I am progressing through an adults beginners book and half way through already. Next lesson I am starting a classical piece. I was given the option to learn anything. I decided that classical music will give more musical concepts theory-wise and I can apply the knowledge I gain to any contemporary music I choose to learn in the future.
Loving the relationship I have with Music. It has been a very healthy experience for my MH. It helps to lessen intense emotions and gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling every time.
This is a great thread! A musicians life is very much a solo existence. This thread is a great chance to connect with like minded people.
: )

Re: What Musical Instrument Do You Play?

Girl_at_the_piano__1879__36_cm_x_22_cm__oil_on_canvas.jpg562629_10151405111472151_903466819_n.jpegDali Partial Hallucination.jpegDali - Partial Hallucination

Re: What Musical Instrument Do You Play?

I have been playing piano since I was a child and have a few old classical favourites that I play. I also like to play a few balads and sing along.It's a great way to pass some time.

I also play recorders and have played them with friends in the past. People always think of school recorders but there are recorders of all sizes. I like the woody sound. I think it's a great idea to continue having piano or other music lessons over one's's something I'd like to do.

Re: What Musical Instrument Do You Play?

Hello again @BronH 

Smiley Happy

I play recorder and so does @Kurra 


I love the look and feel of wooden recorders and deeper sounds, but atm am playing a plastic soprano.  It does not get swollen too much in the winter ... and I have few fun gigs with it lately.


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