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Senior Contributor

What Makes You Laugh?

Here's a topic to cheer everyone up. What makes you laugh? Everyone has a sense of humour.We all laugh at something. A good joke,a online liner,a funny video,etc. How many of you read joke books? What about tv sitcoms? What about stand up comedy? Who's your favourite comedian? What about funny songs that make you laugh?


Okay,for me,I love watching funny comedians.Plenty of videos to watch online. As I'm a bloke,bloke stuff makes me laugh.Us guys do funny things.Ask any woman who we approached,there's some funny stories. Funny songs that are a parady make me laugh.

Years ago it was Monty Python movies and tv show.Loved em.That was in my late teens and early 20s. Kenny Everitt and The Goodies were the big laughs. These days I love the sitcoms.Reality shows make for a good laugh when you learn how not to do things.

I hope you'll all share your experiences.


Re: What Makes You Laugh?

@Denv12  My two favourite comedies of all time are Fawlty Towers and Father Ted. In our hourse the kidults grew up on both (also Black Adder I should say) and still quote them to this day. Never get sick of any of them Smiley Happy

Re: What Makes You Laugh?

Hi @Denv12 @greenpea ,


I like humour arising from something unusual or strange. This may be in a positive way. For example, i remember sitting in a creek at night with friends caused a lot of laughing.


I love faulty towers too.


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