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What Do You Do To Help Keep Your Mind Occupied?

There are times I like to keep occupied and to ensure my mind is active to distract myself from my health problems(I have chronic fatigue syndrome and anxiety). So,what helps you to keep your mind occupied at times?  Do you like to read,write stories,write a diary/journal,draw,paint,crossword puzzles,etc? Do you enjoy listening to music,do any of you play a music instrument,do you collect things,etc?


As I live on my own I have the radio on all day.When I get on with the moring I like to have the tv on as well. It gives me music to listen to and the tv makes it look like there's something going on in the room.Its very comforting.  I like to write documents,things like ideas to look into.I find it therapeutic.  I play piano.I get to let out my frustations on it yet it makes me feel better too.  I read a lot.Keeps me busy at times.I love to read when I feel up to it.


Thank you for stopping by.I look forward to your replies.


Re: What Do You Do To Help Keep Your Mind Occupied?

@Denv12  Hi Denv12 I listen to alot of music. I love music. I exercise by walking lots and reading news on the internet or the papers when I go out let's say to a cafe. Great idea for a thread Smiley Happy. greenpea 

Re: What Do You Do To Help Keep Your Mind Occupied?

Morning @Denv12 I struggle with the racing mind and intrusive thoughts thing happening. I'm by myself most of the time, apart from my cat and doggo. My (adult) son is about to move several hours away from me in the next few weeks, so this is something I've actually been giving some thought to: how to keep my mind occupied so those awful intrusive thoughts don't 'take over'.


I love my animals more than life itself, so I spend time talking to them and having smooches. I also like to paint stuff, because once I get into it, my focus is there 100%. The only problem is when my mind is too busy, I can't concentrate long enough to even begin to paint. The past few days I've been going for short walks several times a day, because that means I have to focus on breathing (I too have some chronic health issues, including athsma). I want to try and be healthier, so using the walking for my mental health, will also help with that is my plan.


Awesome idea for a thread, thank you for posting it Smiley Happy

Re: What Do You Do To Help Keep Your Mind Occupied?

Do you like gardening? Gardening helps me keep occupied when there is nothing to do during the day. Garden stuff like mowing the lawn setting up a vegie patch usually is a good way to keep occupied. I decided to do gardening all day today while listening to my music in my head phones. Definitely kept me occupied however I always have a coffee first in the morning to function and I am alright.

Re: What Do You Do To Help Keep Your Mind Occupied?


Just want to say a big  thank you to everyone for their replies.Thats a great response and quick too.Feeling proud for posting a good topic. I'm one happy guy for it.

Re: What Do You Do To Help Keep Your Mind Occupied?

Such a great thread idea @Denv12! Thanks for starting the discussion.


It is interesting to see many others inspired by music and time outdoors. For those who listen to music is there a particular type of music that helps?

Re: What Do You Do To Help Keep Your Mind Occupied?

Hi Ali11.


Thank you for the positive reply. I'm glad I started a topic that might make people feel better.

I forgot to mention some types of music I like. There's instrumental relaxation music by Tony O'connor.He was based in Queensland somewhere.He recorded a variety of Cds. There's some of his music online.Beautiful music. There's music by Basia Trzetrzelewska:Albums like Time And Tide,London Warsaw New York,etc. Another artist who plays instrumental music is Bob James and Earl Klugh.Albums are:

One on one,


Joy Ride

Lucky seven,

to name a few.

And I love slow long song ballads too.Songs by David Pomeranz.He did 2 There are songs in the 1982 movie "Zapped!".One is called "Have to believe in magic". The other is "King and queen of hearts".Beautiful songs too.


Hope you get to listen to them.



Re: What Do You Do To Help Keep Your Mind Occupied?

@Denv12 @Ali11 This is a happy thread. My illness had made it difficult for me to occupy my mind effectively for a long time. But I am gaining ground. I started exercising, play simple piano, read and write on the forum, learning to cook. Slowly learn to get out of my head and live effectively. Thanks for this happy place.

Re: What Do You Do To Help Keep Your Mind Occupied?

Thanks for sharing your list @Denv12, instrumentals are great to listen to. Have you tried classical music at all?


This is a great thread @Meowmy, sounds like you're doing a lot of activity, which is great. What is your "go-to" recipe when cooking?   

Re: What Do You Do To Help Keep Your Mind Occupied?

@Ali11 @Denv12  Thanks for post. I don’t have a go to recipe site. Would you have any recommendations?


I think it is hobby worth developing.


Hobbies are important for mental health.

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