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The Highlight of Your Day thread

I thought it might be nice to have a place to share the highlight of your day (even if it's found in a fleeting moment) Smiley Happy


For me today, the highlight of my day was finishing the most annoying round of crochet in a blanket I have been working on for months. This round has taken me so long and I've found it so frustrating that I didn't think I would ever finish the project. Stitch by (incredibly frustrating) stitch it came together. Super excited to get to change colours and start the next round now!


Looking forward to hearing anyone else's highlights Smiley Happy

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Re: The Highlight of Your Day thread

@Mazarita - I remembered to start it Smiley Happy Hope you've had a good day and looking forward to hearing your highlight if you'd like to share

Re: The Highlight of Your Day thread

So glad you started this thread, @CheerBear! I hope to be here many days. Smiley Very Happy

Highlight of today for me was going around the corner to have takeaway dinner with my friends. It's the usual little group of three and we've been doing these dinners at least once a week for almost ten years. We've all got our life challenges but there's always some laughter between us. Tonight we had Japanese.

Re: The Highlight of Your Day thread

Hiya @CheerBear,

highlight of the day from me is being ok enough to write a highlight of the day 😊

It was watching my son play a really good game of football and make it in the best players.

good work on the crochet @CheerBear  Sounds like a great achievement 💜🤗

Re: The Highlight of Your Day thread

Love it @Mazarita - 10 years! That's awesome Smiley Happy

Go @Former-Member - great to hear (and see)!

I too hope to be here most nights. I'm going to make an effort to find that moment before I go to sleep I think!

Thanks for sharing!

Re: The Highlight of Your Day thread

Love this thread @CheerBear! Excellent idea Smiley Happy The highlight of my day today was spending some quality time with me, myself and I - reading a new book I got for my birthday! Such a lovely relaxing way to spend some time this afternoon.

Sidenote: @Former-Member, I'm around today until midnight! I saw on a previous thread that you were also able to do some mindfulness today, even though you were so busy with ferrying the S's around!! I'm really glad Smiley Happy Hope you're well.

Re: The Highlight of Your Day thread

@CheerBear, also meant to say congrats on your persistence and patience with the crochet. I have a jumper I have knitted for my companion. I'm taking a very long time to sew it up as I'm not a good sewer. Maybe you will inspire me to finish it! Heart

@Former-Member, have to say again how great it is that you have been feeling better today. Awesome that your son is making it with the best players. Heart

Hi @Former-Member, happy birthday for recently. Wonder what you book you got. Cool that you enjoyed that quality time. Smiley Happy

Re: The Highlight of Your Day thread

Thank you so much @Mazarita! It's a book called Fire Bringer by David Clement-Davies. Set in my favourite place in the world- Scotland. Very much enjoying the journey to another time and place!! 

It's so nice you can keep in touch with the same group of friends for so long... A rare thing in my experience, so you must have a really lovely relationship with them Smiley Happy 

Re: The Highlight of Your Day thread

Hi @Former-Member! I remembered to 'be gentle' while I was crocheting today after bumping in to you on the coping tools thread a few days ago haha!

Sounds great with the you time Smiley Happy

Re: The Highlight of Your Day thread

hahaha @CheerBear that made me giggle! I'm so glad your knitting/crocheting skills are better than mine.. I think I gave up after a fortnight!! I'd love to see your work if you feel up to posting a picture of the finished product? Smiley Happy 

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