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Re: Oceangirl's Party Thread

Beach Theatre.png

Re: Oceangirl's Party Thread

We have a burger bar booked



Lolly bags (just right for movie watching), zooper dooper stock and a popcorn bar


And a fridge (a magic never ending supplies one) with different drinks including pepsi and milo!


Also thought these cocktail/mocktails would fit the Hawaiian beachy theme well too Smiley Very Happy


Re: Oceangirl's Party Thread

Yay, it's party time again!!!!!!!!!! Happy birthday @oceangirl.

@Zoe7 and @CheerBear you have really outdone yourself with the food and drinks. A build-your-own burger bar!!!! I'm going to build myself a triple-decker burger...and then try to figure out how to eat it. Smiley Very Happy And a never-ending supply of milo??? Oh yes, this is going to be a SUPER party!!!!

I'm super glad @Pebbles gave me a onesie for my birthday.


Re: Oceangirl's Party Thread

Happy Birthday My awesome sister @oceangirl Smiley Very Happy

Party time !!!!!

birthday b.jpg

Re: Oceangirl's Party Thread

@Phoenix_Rising Your onesie present from @Pebbles was actually the inspiration behind the pyjama party lol

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @oceangirl - may all your dreams come true sis Heart

Re: Oceangirl's Party Thread

@Zoe7 giggle...well it's just as well I wore it then if my onesie was the inspiration! That would have been awkward if I'd turned up wearing something elseSmiley LOL Do you think a turtle wearing a turtle onesie is odd? Do people ever wear people onesies??? I'm busting to see what everyone else wears to @oceangirl's party. Smiley Very Happy

Re: Oceangirl's Party Thread


Thank you for my birthday wishes @Zoe7 @Phoenix_Rising @Shaz51

and big thank you to @Zoe7 @CheerBear for oraganzing and planning my party, it means so much to me!!

looking forward to spending my birthday nite with my forum family!!

Image result for yellow orchid flower friendship@CheerBear


Image result for yellow orchid flower and pot@Zoe7


Re: Oceangirl's Party Thread

Hey sis @oceangirl - you're the one that is supposed to be getting presents Smiley LOL but a huge thankyou for my favourite coloured orchid Heart

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Re: Oceangirl's Party Thread

Happy Birthday @oceangirl 😊

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