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Night Shift

Since I am awake at 4am I thought I'd start this thread for those of us who have trouble sleeping and might find it helpful to have a place to go to chat. Whatever gets you through the night is alright. 

To get the ball rolling, I'll just say that I enjoyed being part of the Topic Tuesday discussion tonight. I wish it was possible for these events to be weekly rather than monthly. Either way, thanks SANE and all the people I've met on here over recent months.

Edited June 2016 and February 2017: Night Shift is now open 24 hours a day. To join in, just click through to the last page of the thread at the top right of this post to get to the latest message.

Edited April 2017 and June 2017: For the sake of better communications between members here, I am adding that this thread is meant to be caring, kind and gentle place of sharing. Humour is welcome, as long as its not unkindly directed towards other members. Hope your time in this chat thread is rewarding. Heart

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Re: Night Shift

Well its the early ish shift now... I wish i'd come on last night lol! I saw my psychiatrist yesterday... and a large portion of time was spent talking about sleep sigh! if only it were as easy as talking about it. Really they just want me back on medications for sleep but, i cant take so much being home alone with my children and they always leave me with a horrible hangover feeling the next day. 

Hope that your appointment goes well today @Mazarita and I agree it does not always mean less care if its bulk billed... perhaps it means you've found someone genuinely interested in helping people.

Good luck


Re: Night Shift

Hi @Former-Member. Good to see your face this morning (so to speak). Smiley Happy

I saw my psychiatrist yesterday too, wasn't clear about that in my first message. I know what you mean about the sleeping pill hangover. I avoid them for that reason too, but do occasionally resort to them when I have been given them. They don't fix the overall problem and are addictive so need to be very careful with them. But can be of temporary assistance. Maybe it was a different kind of medication they were offering you though.

As anticipated I'm now facing another medication change of anti-depressants. From today I have to stop taking one for a week and then start another. It may be a somewhat rough week or few, but nothing I haven't handled before. I want to do it anyway because of unacceptable side effects that have appeared with the first one we tried.

I haven't been colouring for a while. Might have to get back into that soon. Hope your day has another big laugh or two for you.

Re: Night Shift

What a great idea for thread as I'm sure there are a few of us on here that can't sleep and might want to chat in the morning.

I'm going to @SCORPION as I think he pops on here sometimes late at night (I hope my memory is right, correct if not @SCORPION!).

@Mazarita hope the week changing meds isn't too rough. Have you made plans to take things a bit easier and lighter?


Re: Night Shift

Thanks, @CherryBomb. I'll especially be trying to be light and easy with the mind. 

Re: Night Shift

light and easy sounds good @Mazarita


I am trying to stabilise my sleep too .. but like the idea of this thread


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Re: Night Shift

Its been a long day and a terrifying one. So much is suddenly expected and changing and im not sure i can cope. I hate night times.


Re: Night Shift

Hi Lisa Jane

Sanfran & Shirley here- we are both moderators on the overnight shift. Sounds like its been a tough day, and the night is not so good either. We are here all night if you want to stay in touch- and we can email if that seems better.

Hang in there, try to get some rest and just know you are not alone through the night Smiley Happy

Re: Night Shift

Terrifying sounds awfuI, @Former-Member. I feel scared tonight too, though without reason. Morning will be here before too long. Hopefully we'll both be able to get some shuteye before then...

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Re: Night Shift

Its jsut that sometimes when you make a decision to do something forall the 'right' reasons it still doesnt feel right and I have no idea whats going to happen now. im so tired of being scared and they say that i need to do this to keep us safe but im not even sure this is going to keep us safe or just make things worse. it feels worse and its too much and theres so much more to do and they said im not alone with it but i am

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