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Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

Hello @cheersquad Heart

how are you tonight , come and enjoy  and have you met @Faith-and-Hope 

@Faith-and-Hope is a great friend

I thought of having hot chocolate tonight but my gallbladder said yuk xx

Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

Well, you're in luck @Shaz51 😊

There is a mint plant called Chocolate Mint, and guess what ??  It smells and tastes like chocolate !!  🍫

I haven't tried it as a herbal tea yet.  You can be my Guinea Pig  ❤️

Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

I'm mostly good @Shaz51 we have had a heap of stuff happen to us out of our control lately that is just exhausting. Not sure if someone would believe me if I wrote a book. My hubby is doing well and supporting me too which is amazing. Only a slight escalation a few weeks ago. How is the medication going?

Great to meet you @Faith-and-Hope what a lovely idea you had. Think I need to make myself a real hot chocolate nowSmiley Happy

Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

Good evening @Shaz51

Thanks for the shout out Smiley Happy Chocolate Mint sounds amazing!

Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

that sounds yummy @Faith-and-Hope,I will be happy to be your Guinea Pig  xx

smells nice , i will have one


Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

Hi @cheersquad

Yes my hubby has gone back to taking his old meds , he said he is going to take them forever


Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

Lovely to meet you too @cheersquad 🌺

Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

Hi @NikNik, hope you had a ok day today

My hubby is still trying to get his head around that you don`t need to work ten hours a day and that you can have a rest day once a week

Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

Think you've nailed my hubby's problem, right there @Shaz51 ❗️

💌 .... ❤️

Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

Had a great day thanks Smiley Happy
If I recall @Shaz51 , you guys have your own business, is that right?

I can imagine the work is never ending - so it must be hard to make boundaries of when to start and stop!

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