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Hot Chocolate Anyone ?


Hi All

There is a thread operating on the Lived Experience Forum under Night Shift where members who are having trouble sleeping for any reason give a bit of a shout-out, to see if there is anyone else sleepless and looking for company.  It's been such a great thing, I thought I would start one over here too.

I have had the odd few nights where I have woken up on and off, and my kids have been having a bit of trouble some nights too, depending on what has happened during the day.

Being a carer can be lonely too, so if you are making an after-midnight cup of something hot, and wonder who else might be doing that too, maybe have a look-in here and see if anyone else is about.


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Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

Very cool @Faith-and-Hope.  I was just thinking today that Carers could do with a version of the beer garden or night shift thread.  And here you've done it!

I love that both threads are often kicking on through the day too so I hope to drop in here for a mid-afternoon hot chocolate also. 

Thanks for creating such a cosy spot Heart

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Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

Yes yes yes! One sugar, yum!

Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

Dark chocolate with mint for me 😏


Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

Just tucking into a colleagues sticky date pudding birthday cake.  A flat white would be lovely to go with it. Hope it's on the menu Smiley Happy


Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

Think I could use an Irish Coffee right now @suzanne

Its a day of hard juggling, and one ball has just been dropped .... waiting to hear what can be done about it.

It will be recoverable one way or another, I'm sure, but just in this minute, I am exhausted.

Drinking tea .......

Breathing deeply ........



Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

It's a bit late for caffine or chocolate for me, so I will have a herbal tea please.. perhaps a lemon & ginger...


I hope everything is okay @Faith-and-Hope

Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

It will be @NikNik ...

We are at a pinch point that has lasted three to four weeks now, and because there are so many of us (large family) and so many variables are in play at the moment, I am a bit dizzy with trying to hold it all together.

There will be some dropped balls.

These forums have been invaluable - such warm and caring support on both sides, and everyone generously sharing experiences and home-grown advice.  Being able to find somebody up and about at almost any time of day or night is also really special.

Our underlying issue, which I have written about at length under Something's Not Right, has created an awful lot of this contingency stuff, so that's the thing that really needs to be resolved.  Everything else will calm down and vibe much more achievable afterwards.  But it is happening slowly.  It is unravelling, as it has to, so my main focus is just trying to keep everybody safe as we weather it out.

Today was tough, but the pressure is off for a while now.

Your tea sounds great 😏  Might have one of those before bed tonight.

@suzanne, ❤️❤️❤️ Sticky Date Anything !!


Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

what a great place @Faith-and-Hope HeartHeart

I will have a big cup of coffee, white with two sugars please xx

Would you like a coffee, tea or hot choclate @Former-Member, @Carer101, @Attahua, @Lily, @Kiera80, @cheersquad, @Lucky2015, @artee, @tulip, @Diamond, @Alessandra1992, @aristosane, @Shartega ???

Hello @NikNik, @suzanne


Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

I so love this forum. Thanks @Shaz51 for the invite. It's been a very long day for me too. Too late for caffeine and a herbal tea seems too healthy tonight so a hot chocolate seems perfect for me.Smiley Happy Have a good night all! Every day is a new daySmiley Happy

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