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Re: Far and Away

Everyone is under strain here from the last few days not being managed well @Zoe7 .... mr. being away and just dumping the care of D2 on the kids and visiting family ..... also his mum is not well, health under investigation for a couple of months, and he didn’t tell me - his left me to find out by accident ..... grrrr.  He is also making arrangements with the kids around me without communicating with me, as if I am irrelevant.  Generally being not nice.


Enough of that.  We knew it would only get worse with time, so I have to just shoulder it and keep going.


what are you doing tonight to keep yourself busy ?  I am experimenting with photos I took, trying out different effects, but it’s not working out well ..... might just quit on it tonight and go to bed.

Re: Far and Away

You really shouldn't have to shoulder it though Hon. You deserve so much better and to be treated with respect even with the distance between you and Mr. I know it is super hard for the kids when everything is thrown out also but you are also entitled to live a life with some fulfilment in it. Mr. cannot also take over D2s care as he has and then leave at a moment's notice and expect everyone else to pick up where hem has left off. As for his mother having health concerns and you just finding out by accident - that is totally unacceptable as well. You would tell him if any of your family were unwell and he should afford you the same courtesy. As you can probably gather I am more than a bit angry for you Smiley Mad


It sounds like your frustration with your photo effects is being magnified by the day's events as well so heading to bed may be a good thing - stop for now, sleep and reset tomorrow as best you can.


As for me - I have done the washing up from the last couple of days, cleaned the stove, tidied up some of the things stored in the kitchen from the garage and given Tobes lots of hugs. I think he misses Cat because he has wandered into the spare room a couple of times then come out and looked back - as if he is looking for her. He also didn't take his biscuit tonight straight away - think he was waiting for me to give Cat hers first as he usually does. He really does follow Cat's routine the little sweetheart.


I didn't say before but I actually got a laugh from the specialist. He rang me twice and both times I rejected the call - didn't know the number and was waiting for the vet number to come up. He and the normal vet had a laugh about it too - he actually said he thought I might think it was some random number calling from overseas trying to sell something ....which I did lol He did send me a text after that with a picture of Cat in her recovery basket - precious little thing still looked sleepy but at least she was awake. 

Re: Far and Away

How lovely that you have that photo of Cat in her recovery basket @Zoe7 ..... and it is funny that you kept rejecting the call you were waiting on ..... never mind - everybody worked it out in the end.


I have just turned up an image Indo like @Zoe7 , so i will save that one to work on some more, and head to bed, but I am not logging off the forums yet 😏


I did have something to say to mr about not communicating, because that was really out of line, but it all just confirms that he is not right within himself.  He has transferred his allegiance to his mum, that has been clear for a long time now, and he will be worried sick about her, but not wanting to share that with me.  All this was writing on the wall .... just hard to walk forward with anyway.


I have painting class tomorrow, and I am looking forward to that anyway .....


I am not surprised Toby is missing Cat.  He is a sensitive little soul, and she is the keeper of the house .... lol .... in her own quiet way.  I hope her recovery is quick and uncomplicated.

Re: Far and Away

Yeah I do get that Mr. has transferred his allegiance to his Mum and that that is part of his long standing illness and her continued admiration for what path he has taken in respect to that but it is so unfair that you are treated the way you are by him Hon. It is good you communicated to him your feelings about the lack of communication - hope that helps him to think a bit more about including you in those things that are potentially life changing for you all. I also know you onlly tell us part of how he treats you and I do so wish things were better for you. You have amazing strength to do all that you do and put up with all that you have to contend with and that is why I love hearing about your course and your art escape and your salvation so often. Painting class tomorrow will be a good circuit breaker for you for at least tomorrow. I look forward to hearing all about it tomorrow night Smiley Very Happy


Yes Cat really does rule the house. All routines revolve around her and Tobes just follows her when she says it is time for food. Her recovery is going to take weeks - she can't jump for the next 2 weeks so she will need to be constrained in a small area. I might need to buy a new cage thingy (not sure what they nare called) but my sister has said not to worry about it, we will get whatever is needed. I have an old one that Toby was in as a puppy at school but it might be too small for Cat. I am still worried about her even though the surgery went well - there is a very high infection rate with this surgery but the vet was hopeful. If she makes it through tonight then I will be more hopeful myself. I already miss her - came straight home and opened the back door again after seeing her Smiley Sad  There is no-one overnight at the vet's so that worries me too. The alternative was to move her to the after hours vet but that would have had it's own complications so it was an easy decision to leave her where she was comfortable. The morning cannot come quick enough @Faith-and-Hope 

Re: Far and Away

Hopefully she just sleeps @Zoe7 because that will be a big part of her healing, and I won’t matter that there is nobody there ..... in fact probably better in that she won’t feel the need to be on alert for unfamiliar sounds of movement.

Re: Far and Away

When I went in to see her I didn't stay long as she was trying to come to me @Faith-and-Hope She was reaching out her little front leg and trying to give me kisses. She certainly knew it was her Mum but it was best to leave her to sleep so she didn't move too much.


Tobes is spread out on the doona having puppy dreams again. His whole body is moving - he must be running in his sleep lol I'd love to record that to share - it is sooo cute 🐶


What else do you have on tomorrow? I am going to do more housework after I see Cat to keep occupied. Need to move things in the dining room, including the dining table, to make room for a cage thingy so she is kept in a warm room when she comes home. Look at me being positive that she will come home Smiley Very Happy

Re: Far and Away

Go you @Zoe7  ❣️


You will get a lot of housework done in the next few days at this rate ..... 😏. It’s good to keep busy to keep your mind steady.


So cute with toby running in his sleep .....


Photoshop is my other class tomorrow.  That should keep me out of mischief ..... I still need to work out a few more Ideas around the piece I am working on.  It takes time to let the ideas work themselves out.

Re: Far and Away

The way I am going the house may actually be tidy before next week @Faith-and-Hope lol


I am actually considering taking long service leave next week so I am home for Cat. Toby goes in Thursday to have his teeth cleaned too and that has to be done under general anaesthetic. I wouldn't be able to pick him up until after work so maybe having the whole week off would be better. It is hard to work that out because it is still school holidays and the Principal is away so not sure whether it would be approved or not. 


I am continually impressed with how far you have come with Photoshop Hon and I'm sure you will work it all out as it goes along. That reminds me I have to transfer all the photos from the excursion last term from my phone to computer so I can put them on the school server next term  - another job for me to do over the next few days and that should keep me out of trouble too lol


How are you feeling? Sleepy yet?

Re: Far and Away

 It sleepy yet, but going through a bit of a bedtime routine anyway .... for when I am feeling sleepy.


Sounds like a plan, to stay home for the few days.  Can you email the Principle’s work email ?  They might check it even though it’s the holidays.




Re: Far and Away

The Principal was going overseas with his family but I don't know when he was coming back. I might call into school tomorrow and see if anyone is there that can tell me. If I do take long service leave then it has to be for a minimum of 5 days so it would be all next week and the following Monday @Faith-and-Hope It is not that it would affect anything at school - would just mean I start back at the support role a week later. They didn't have anyone doing that role last term whilst I was on class so it shouldn't be a problem. The only problem would be if they rejected the leave because of why I wanted it and at such short notice. LSL is usually booked in months in advance so that could be an issue.


My bedtime routine includes putting Toby on the bed and snuggling in next to him. He knows when it is time for bed as soon as I turn the bathroom light on to clean my teeth - then he takes himself off to the bedroom to wait. By that time Cat is usually fast asleep in her room. I check on her first then head to bed with little Toblerone.


Watching tv tonight but not much on. Have taken meds but they haven't been working well lately. I need to go to the chemist to get my increased dose tomorrow - was going to do it today but forgot when I was waiting to hear about Cat. Still have some of the money my sister gave me the other day to cover groceries and meds. 


My Mum put some money in my account today too to help with the vet bills. It is going to be more than she put in though since the specialist had to do the surgery. Thank goodness for my family - who would have thought I would ever say that hey - but they have been so wonderful through all this.

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