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Cuppa ladies/gents...

@Sherry @Shaz51 @Faith-and-Hope @Darcy @Determined @Smc @outlander @Lauz Good morning to you all, and anyone else reading this, that I am yet to cross paths with 😊 Great time for a cuppa, brief break, and to wish you all as wonderful a day as can be. After my cuppa, I'm off to fix up my dog and grandpups escavating, with a heap of new soil and grass seed. Catch you later. πŸ€—


Re: Cuppa ladies/gents...

Morning @Tufftimes .  That sounds like fun 😊


I am sitting afore a coffee with a counselling appointment waiting beyond .....

Re: Cuppa ladies/gents...

Hi @Tufftimes  and any others floating by as the day goes on.


Oh yes thank you @Tufftimes , a cuppa would be fabulous.  Just finished getting hubby up and about, medicated, hopefully safe and comfortable for the time being.  Got a load of washing on, trying to beat the forecast rain over the coming days. Definitely time to have a quiet reflective cuppa.  Then I need to call my Mum who is still waiting to get in to see a cancer specialist after her latest cancer diagnosis.  And oh dear, then I want to give my brother a call to see how he is going this morning.    So the cuppa will be a temporary lull in between all the bad stuff.


Ha ha, your dog and the grandpups sound like hard work!  But hey, you wouldnt be without them ... now would you?  Thankfully my little dog has never been into excavation, never been a digger.  Unless its after a rabbit.  She was never into destructive behaviour, now that I think about it. Never chewed shoes, furniture, clothes.  Perfect little dog.  Nahhh .. she does have her (minor) faults of course.  We all do, after all.


Thanks for the tag @Tufftimes .  Can I ask if you have a support thread of your own where I can learn more about what you are going through personally, and be able to (hopefully) support you?


Sherry 🌺



Re: Cuppa ladies/gents...

hope your days a good one @Tufftimes its also nice to meet you as i havent met you yet

Re: Cuppa ladies/gents...

your dog and the grandpups, what kind of dogs are they @Tufftimes Heart

Hello @outlander , @Sherry , @Faith-and-Hope 

Love a Coffee xx


morning 1.jpg


Re: Cuppa ladies/gents...

Hi @Sherry  sounds like things are quite hectic for you atm. Sorry to hear about your mum's recent diagnosis.


Yeah, I love our dog, and sons who's here also, they would be great dogs if they were given regular walks and attention, but sadly, somethings gotta give on occasion, and they lost out. 


The support thread thing you mentioned, I have no idea about lol, unless you mean my intro thing? Haha, not a master at these tech things πŸ˜‚


I have 3 children, son2 schitzoaffective, son3 Aspergers and Coeliacs Disease, Child1 I believe undiagnosed bipolar, have experienced PTSD myself previously. 

Re: Cuppa ladies/gents...

@Shaz51 hi, my dog is a purebred border collie, and the grandpup lol, is 1 of her pups, so border collie x golden retriever who kindly jumped my fence nearly 2 years ago, ending in 7 pups. the runt being kept by my son, and as he's been unwell, and is STILL at my house, so is his adorable energetic dog, the grandpup πŸ•πŸ˜‚

Re: Cuppa ladies/gents...

@outlander thank you, it started wonderfully, but deteriorated somewhat, as can happen

Re: Cuppa ladies/gents...

Hi there @Tufftimes, good to see you again.
Yeah things are pretty hectic currently, with a lot to keep my mind in overdrive.

I just found your initial introduction which was made on the introduce yourself here thread. When I asked if you had a personal support thread I meant another thread which is yours to talk about things and gain specific support. The introduce yourself here thread is usually just that - purely an initial intro and is used for other newcomers as they arrive and introduce themselves. A lot of members then go on and open up a new thread in the "Our Stories" or "Something's Not Right" sections of the Forum Topics. No necessity to however, because as you have already discovered, you can join in anywhere. It appears you have not done so as yet? But if you decide to do so, can you please tag me onto it? Ta ..

Your dog/s sound adorable. And yes I do understand that with all you have going on, that sometimes pets need to take a bit of a back seat to everyday life.

I note you mentioned to @outlander that your day on Tuesday started okay, but deteriorated somewhat. Sorry to hear that. I hope today has been a better day for you.

I note on your intro that you work, though 'insignificant' hours. Do you work on particular days, or on a casual 'as needed' basis? Do you enjoy work? Unfortunately it is way too easy to isolate ourselves when we are carers. I miss working, which is something I did until some 18 months ago. Hubby and other family members needed more of my time than I could provide while I was still working, even though it was only part time at that point. So I finished up in mid 2017. I really missed the ability to get out, to actually use my brain, and to have that social interaction needed for most employment. It also gave me a chance to think of things other than caring duties. I no longer have that, and really have isolated myself even more than ever before, since giving up work. So its good that you have something outside the home, even if it is only for an 'insignificant' period of time. It is something.

You certainly have your hands full at home with your 3 children. Although your 21yo is no longer a child of course. But it does sound as though he is somewhat dependent upon you. I understand it is your eldest who is likely bipolar? Does he/she live at home still? Are they resistant to being assessed for bipolar and receiving treatment?

I see that you have experienced PTSD yourself. I can certainly sympathise with you on that one! You say you've experienced it previously, which leads me to think that you have been able to overcome it to some extent. I hope that is the case. Although I believe, with PTSD, once you have it, it doesnt actually go away. It is likely a lifetime thing. But we learn how better to manage it. I would be interested in hearing how you have been able to overcome the worst of the symptoms and now manage any flareups of the disorder.

So .. after all that ... how about a cuppa? I can bring my little dog Holly along to play with your beautiful border collie and your grand-pup. Holly gets along well with other dogs, so wont be a problem. Hi also to @Shaz51 and @Faith-and-Hope

Sherry πŸŒΈβ˜•πŸ©πŸΆ

Re: Cuppa ladies/gents...

Hi @Sherry, thank you for your kind gestures, and info, I should go sit on pc and easily type lengthy communication back lol. I haven't really done the other thread things yet, but shall certainly tag you into it if i get the courage to write one up πŸ™„πŸ˜‚.

Today has been much better thanks, although face to face coffee date stood me up lol.  MMMM, re the other day, PTSD, I was diagnosed with recurring PTSD, after being a victim in 2 different armed robberies, 10 years apart, my narcissistic, thieving, abusive and violent ex partner introduced me to a person whom I disliked majorly that was at the time being questioned by Police re a missing person, who was later found murdered... I was questioned in Court some time ago, and thought I was no longer required, but received a summons the other day, bringing back a lot of my PTSD and more, especially as I have struggled this year, since being assaulted in a public place months ago, still suffering physical injury to my eye and nerve damage to it also, with no charges laid, as Police have been unable to obtain CCTV footage of the offenders, which I was advised Monday, then the other Tuesday, on top of everything else. And yes, Child1, has no intention of seeking assistance or diagnosis. I have thought this child bipolar since nearly 8 years ago, of which a Psychologist at the time also suggested, after hearing about her, and seeing her a few times, when child was diagnosed with Aspergers, and days later my beloved Mum unexpectedly had a heart attack and died, so I had myself and the 3 kids seeking assistance at the time, and less than a year later Chid3 who was then 7, his dad committed suicide. Anyway, probs told you too much lol, normally hide a lot, and yep, the isolation thing is difficult, and after working for myself for a decade as a single mum, of 3 children, obvs with issues, whilst suffering PTSD, the kids also involved as victims of 2nd robbery, financial stress, drug addict ex (that I had no idea about this), etc, I hid under a rock so to speak for 2 months, and am still trying to climb back out. My grandchild helps alot, as we go do fun things, he tells me he's coming to sleep for 10 nights from tomorrow lol, I think 2 is plenty and pushing it atm haha. Oh he lives with child 1, who was abused in domestic violence last year, Police charging him, and her telling me Tuesday also, that they are back together pfftttt lol. Okay, I think you got it all now, except PTSD. . Now for me, it took years to get over, I'm a blocker, and block such things but as you are no doubt aware, they still affect us in a lot of ways. I found certain triggers bring mine back, so to speak. It's pretty dormant mostly, but for dealing with insurances re theft etc (anything to be honest), robberies, death of my mum, and sons father, Court stuff, statements or interrogations. I just must get over it, and stop letting it affect me, enough time has passed! Easier said than done, but I have had a couple of meetings with a social worker in the last month, and mentioned my depression I felt, but decided to get back on my horse, as I do not want antidepressants without necessity. Whoa, coffee time haha, maybe I might run to the supermarket and destress after that, then have coffee with yourself and Holly πŸ›’β˜•πŸ˜ŠπŸ•πŸ’

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