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Anyone feel like chatting?

Hi guys
Anyone just wanna chat?
Share a tea or coffee?
I remember there was another thread but it seems to be gone
@Faith-and-Hope @utopia @Former-Member @Pepsimax @BlueBay @Dec @Mazarita @Former-Member @eth @CheerBear @Phoenix_Rising @Shaz51 @Former-Member @Adge @Shaz51 @Bimby2 @Former-Member @Ney @Sans911 @Former-Member @soul @Former-Member @Queenie @patrickT @embers
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Re: Anyone feel like chatting?

I am hanging out at Friday Feast @outlander. Do you want to join us over there?

Re: Anyone feel like chatting?

Re: Anyone feel like chatting?

Not tonight @Phoenix_Rising thanksfor the offer though

This threads for anyone anytime
Just a light hang out thread

Re: Anyone feel like chatting?

Good evening @outlander best wishes from @Bimby2.

Re: Anyone feel like chatting?

Hi @Bimby2 how are you tonight?
Would u like to join me for a cuppa?

Re: Anyone feel like chatting?

@outlander, evening from WA. I just briefly read your other post, and wanted to caution you on using Google for medical research/advice, which I think you're aware of anyway. But it does nothing good for you but open a Pandora's box to go search for more, and often the information is biased and unprofessional. If you have been diagnosed with EUPD/BPD than dbt skills training or therapies are the Gold standard of treatment and I have lots of insight, information and knowledge of this disorder, as I have had it for years and am going through treatment right now.

Medication solely to treat Bpd often fails to help as our emotions are all over the place, changing constantly, so through dbt we learn to regulate our emotions to better balanced, less distressed and less in crisis. Medication may help for treatment of depression and/or anxiety which may occur at the same time as bpd, but often several medications are needed to, and sometimes you need to go through changes in order to find a medication that fits you.

I hope this helps you a little @outlander; you are such a kind and gentle spirit, who gives so much to others, but you need to be there for yourself too sweetie. Take care ok, you'll get there, but sometimes it a potholed and bumpy road.

Re: Anyone feel like chatting?

Thanks @Sans911 your very kind and caring yourself 💓💓
dr google is very bad and im trying to distract myself from going on there now as my anxiety is sky high!!

How are you today/night? Did you get up to much today?

Re: Anyone feel like chatting?

Sure happy to hang out Smiley Happy  

Re: Anyone feel like chatting?

What did you get up to @embers
Anything planned for the weekend?

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