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Re: not feeling good

I understand how you feel @Razzle , I won't be seeing my son's baby thats due next month, I've only met the girl once and my son said she doesn't like coming down here so he said he doesn't know if I can see the baby. It messes with your mind and imagine all different  thoughts. I have no partner now which is so much better as he was mentally abusive, and my son1 moved with his girlfriend the other side of The city an hour away and he has only visited once last month and that was when he said his hates coming here, and it was weird I heard what he said but it didn't realising in till later.

I wish you all the luck under the sun, that your son wil, come round and let you see the little one, you are going through so much with your ex, your son and careing for your mum, you have a lot of strength in you and a loving soul, I know you don't feel it, but I give you are huge hug Razzle just getting through one day at a time, is all you can do and I hope you can get some sleep to recharge your body. I don't know how I wil. Cope When my son has the baby and I won't be allowed to see the baby, I hope that I get the courage like you to accept the situation as It will be out of my control. We are here for you, whenever you need just to talk as sometimes it does help getting it out of your head.20190820_161757.jpgWe can only try


Re: not feeling good

Hugs @saturnzoon @Razzle  ❤️❤️

@Faith-and-Hope  what hubby said before is not bothering me now. When he says stupid things I’m trying to ignore it. But some days it’s harder. 

Can I ask you something F&H?  Is your hubby getting worse with his OCD behaviour as he’s getting older? 

Im only asking as I’m sure mine is getting worse. 

Hugs @Faith-and-Hope ❤️

Re: not feeling good

Ohh lots of hugs @saturnzoon , @Razzle  xxxx 

Re: not feeling good

@BlueBay @my hubby had some sort of “event” ten years ago where OCD-type behaviours he had had previously magnified and intensified dramatically across a few months.  It co-existed with the emergence of extreme exercise and eating disordered behaviours, and the trashing of interpersonal boundaries, major personal security concerns over our household, and delusional thinking.  His personality and values underwent a change of state, and now resemble those of his mother and siblings in ways they didn’t before, which is at odds with what ours were as a couple. and how we were raising our family.


He had had major health issues previously owing to an eating disorder called BED, so when he appeared to the outside world, and under the guidance of our family doctor, to turn his life around and embrace what seemed to be far healthier patterns of living, I couldn’t get anyone to listen to the hidden highly-disordered patterns of behaviour.  In fact, they are so strange, and seemed so unbelievable when he seemed so normal (behind a facade) that I came across as being delusional or something .....,


Since then some of the behaviours have moderated a bit, but the delusional thinking appears randomly every now and then, particularly when he is stressed, although one of the daily e.d. behaviours is clearly delusional, and he becomes instantly emotionally aggressive if the subject is raised in any way, shape or form, and he has complete control over all our resources, which he guards just as aggressively.  


We still don’t have medical awareness of these behaviours.  He has no insight into being unwell.


I don’t know if that helps you at all.  Your hubby’s OCD-type behaviours, as with mine, are a coping mechanism, so you will probably find them getting worse when he is stressed, tired, anxious, angry or afraid.

Re: not feeling good

Wow Thankyou @Faith-and-Hope  for your reply. And for your total honesty and being so open. I appreciate it. ❤️

Gee it must be extremely hard for you snd the kids to live eith hubby. 

I have BED disorder snd currently seeing a dietitian for help. I can see when he points it out to me thst I sm very unrealistic in my eating plans and goals. 

It must be very hard for all of you to see him like this. 

I think my hubby is pretty stressed about his mum dying of dementia. She doesn’t know her son anymore and sleeps every time we’ve been. He is an only child and no other family around. He is most likely stressed about our finances, the possibility of selling our home although he doesn’t tell me. He is  I’m sure sad and afraid of losing his mum. She lived eith us fir 20 yrs. 

he cant fix anything and has no control. Msybe his OCD behaviour is a control thing. 


Re: not feeling good

Definitely about control @BlueBay , and the household criticisms he is making are part of that too, probably.


Yes, it’s very hard to live with, and trying to talk to him about it, and then trying to reach out for medical support around him just made things worse.   Without insight there is nothing anyone can do for him unless / until his health fails.  We live in a state of damage control, and working around him mostly, trying to maintain some sort of family life in whatever ways are possible.

Re: not feeling good

I’m happy angry emotional and can’t habdke it. 

Mall emotions in one. 

Happy that George Pell is back in jail. I hope he rots. 

Im nit coping because it’s truggered my own childhood abuse. 

Ni one deserves to go through childhood abuse. 

Uts disgusting horrible 


I need an escape 

think I’ll go for a long walk 

I feel thst home life is just as crazy as this world 

why am I like this 

will I get better and what if I don’t 

my dr told me yesterday I’m doing well. How does he kniw. 

Hes not me he’s not in my head 

how does he know how i feel

my dr doesn’t understand 

I need to vent 

I wont  tag anyone because you all have your own issues and struggles. 


Re: not feeling good

talk away my sister @BlueBay Heart

a nice walk sounds good

spending time with your garden sounds good

i am growing succulents at the moment

cuppa time out the front xx have one with me

Re: not feeling good

@BlueBay Heart

Hope you feel a bit better after your walk.
Really sux you were triggered by that, they should have warnings in the news and headlines for people which they very rarely do.  Fingers crossed you can have some time to yourself and take care of YOU.

Re: not feeling good

I just came home from a 4.2km walk

i had music and just kept walking 

very windy 

im ok 

I’ll hsve a rest after lunch @Gazza75 @Shaz51  xxxx

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