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depression, anxiety, bpd + dpd

Hi all,

I've struggled with depression and anxiety most of my life but recently was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder and dependent personality disorder... or at least traits of both.
I've been in hospital four times in the last 4 or so months for weeks at a time. There seems like so many things to fix about myself that I dont know where to start. My doc said I need to take an extended break from working and concentrate on my health and wellbeing. I'm living in crisis care after being homeless for some time but its only for a short time as I only have a couple months to move out.

The drama is, I wamt to get better and move on with my life but at the same time how can I focus myself on my mental health when I cant afford to sit on unemployment for the time I need to recover.

its really hard for me to even get this much out without feeling totally overwhelmed with it all


Re: depression, anxiety, bpd + dpd

Hi there @dwoods77 


Welcome to the forums. Such a tricky question!

I'm not sure of your employment situation, so I apologise if my questions or suggestions don't fit your circumstances.

Would I be right in assuming that you have used up any leave you may have, due to your hospitalisation?  How is your current employer about your situation? Do they know the details? Are they quite flexible?


Sorry for the bucket of questions - I hope they aren't too overwhelming. Just trying to get a clearer idea of your situation.


Again, welcome to the forums.



Re: depression, anxiety, bpd + dpd

@dwood77 hi and welcome. I can relate to your concerns of how to earn a living and get the therapy help needed. It is very overwhelming. I have a suggestion as it works for me. That is part-time employment combined with any assistance that Centerlink can provide. Yeah it may be less money for a while yet quality of life is important. And if you continue to be unwell then you probably shalt be able to work anyway. Keep in touch

Re: depression, anxiety, bpd + dpd

Heaps of centrelink people have told me to apply for disability so may go down that route. I have a job capacity assessment next week as my dr put on my centrelink medical certificate that my condition is permanent.

In the meantime centrelink have told me until I have that assessment I will have to look for work... I cant even contemplate what to have for lunch it seems without that becoming a huge ordeal. the lady at centrelink whispered to me that shes sure I can find some "jobs that I can put down" LOL
had my first psychologist appointment the other day which left me feeling exhausted and brought up quite a lot of painful memories. I am also on a waitlist for dbt through the community mental health clinic but apparently there is a very long waitlist. Im not all that hopeful of any major breakthrough with my free 10 psychologist appts but I will give it a good shot.

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