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Senior Contributor

Something funny

Hi. I have a habit of talking to myself. Usually just at home while i am talking myself through tasks.  I was at the pool today and i am trying to make the transition from breaststroke laps to freestyle laps. There was only one other lady in the pool.  Well i forgot where i was and was getting a bit frustrated with myself and made some comment to myself and the lady actually got out of the pool  looked at me like i was an alien and went to the other pool. Could only laugh .


Re: Something funny

@Calmblueocean  Hey Calmblueocean look at it this way you got the whole pool to yourself Smiley Very Happy. Maybe I should try that. Love greenpeaxx


Re: Something funny

Nice to have that extra space in the pool Smiley Happy @Calmblueocean Thanks for sharing this one. Hope you're travelling well!


Re: Something funny

Hi @Calmblueocean 


Yeah - you got the whole pool to yourself - fantastic


Actually - talking to oneself is entirely normal - I had a cat for 15 years and talked to her all the time and as life goes the cat had to leave Smiley Sad but I still talk - to myself - I am entirely agreeable to myself so I am on good terms with my audience


And I talk to myself outside of the house too - supermarket - waiting rooms - wherever - it's been a long time since I was in a swimming pool but I think if I irritated someone else enough by my private conversation my public gave me a dirty look and left I would laugh too


Thanks for sharing






Re: Something funny

I talk to myself as well! I basically verbalize my thoughts going through my head. It's a lot to do with my anxiety it's soothing to me. I too got weird looks so now instead I sing when I wear headphones in as an alternative haha.

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