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Senior Contributor

Recent trauma

I have been re traumatised it’s now too heavy I can’t carry it sexual assault is very traumatising 


Re: Recent trauma

Hi @Evie1 

Buddy13 here one of the SANE Moderators. Sorry to hear of what you are going through. I have sent you an email just to check in. Regards.


Re: Recent trauma

I’m safe just really traumatised 

Re: Recent trauma

Hello @Evie1 

Sounds hard. Glad you are safe.

Do you have a therapist to work with?

Sometimes being able to get the trauma out and limit it, can help with finding good new things in life.

Smiley Happy

Re: Recent trauma

I call kids helpline 

Re: Recent trauma

Oh @Evie1 I'm so sorry to hear what's happened to you. Just wanted you to know I'm thinking of you.

Re: Recent trauma



Trauma is a b%&ch and triggers are just as bad as they take you right back to that very moment. Whilst all our battles are different know that you are not alone is this craptastic war against mental health. There is help out there and seek it beacuse you deserve it! You are stronger than you think!


Please reach out to the help you deserve. x

Re: Recent trauma

Wrost is over now but struggling with life i don’t like being left alone but I’m feeling better 

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